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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, there are a few nuggets of wisdom and encouragement that I would impart to her. I would let her know that she has choices. That despite what social conditioning has taught her, she doesn't have to go to college immediately after high school, especially if her eating disorder is going to force her to keep withdrawing from classes to go back to treatment and effectively waste money on classes she can't finish. It is okay to wait. If she does go right away, she doesn't have to declare a major immediately, and if she does declare one, to pick what interests her, not something her father tells her to pick. College is a great opportunity. It is also a big commitment. Go, not because you're forced, or just to join in on college parties. Get healthy, and then when you're ready, go because you choose to, because you want to learn and you want to make something of yourself and your life. Whatever you choose, I'll be waiting, and I'll be proud to have been you.


High School Me, When getting ready for college you should have studied more for the SAT's and not goofed off on it. Colleges will accually look at those scores and they will judge you based on them. You should also take them more than once because the higher the scores are the more like you will get into that dream school of yours. Also, when it comes to your grades and taking test you study your but off. College is not like high school where you are aloud to make up tests and get extra credit. You will earn your grades here. lastly, school should come first. It should come before trips, and games. If you dont want to do you school thats okay but you will fail and you won't have that dream job. Good luck and don't screw up. College Sophmore Me.