Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study hard and take it seriously the first time around. Don't screw around as much, yes you can have some fun but this is your life that you are messing up if you fail, NO ONE else's. When you fail it it is no one's fault but your own's and you will have to pay for it eventually. You will need an education to get a decent job in this life.


If I could travel through time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the following advice: You're life is what you make of it. As a people pleaser, you've spent eighteen years of your life dedicated to making other people happy. Now it's your turn. The simplest piece of advice I can give is to choose a college for you, not for other people. Your family and friends should only give you advice and back up your final decision. Whatever you do, do not pick a college because your friends are going to it. Do not pick a college because that is where you're "expected" to go. This is your life and your passion and it's about time you live it according to how you want to live. Never be ashamed of your decision, never regret it. In the end all you have left is knowing that you've made yourself happy and that you want to learn because of your enviornment. Make a name for yourself with your own path. You can do it.


If going back in time were an option, I would have told myself to take on a few extra classes and push myself harder than what I did in that last year. Doing well was on my list while in my senior year, but if I could go back I would like to change some classes around that would benefit me later on in college.