Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wisconsin Lutheran College strives to help students both academically and for their future life.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a place to learn and network yourself to be successful in the future.


WLC has small class sizes and a good learning environment.


A Christian focused education center which strives to prepare its students for their career and leading a Christ-centered life.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a community that was established for one common goal, and the institution is still based on that goal to build young Christian servant leaders.


A Sense of a community that at first is strange and new, but eventually turns into home. Community is not even the right word, more like a family. Their are so many people that will help you and want to see you succeed, that they go that extra mile to help.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a Christ centered learning community dedicated to providing its students with a high quality education and to preparing students to live a life centered around their knowledge and their faith.


A college focused on preparing the students for a full-time job after graduating while doing so with Christian-values.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a liberal arts college providing a Christian environment.


WLC is a small Christian school with professors who care about their students.


My school helps young adults grow and develop in knowledge and in their Lord. All of the programs offered at Wisconsin Lutheran college are rigerous and intense. The adequately prepare you for a career. However, what I enjoy most about the school is the relgious aspect that is interweaved in every class offered. Students are constantly given the opportunity to grow in knowledge of their future career, and grow closer to their Lord.


Wisconsin Lutheran College prepares its students not only for a career, but a well rounded life grounded in thier own identity and faith.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a small, private, God-centered, liberal arts college located just outside the adventurous city of Milwaukee, WI that strives to make servant leaders who will change the future.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a place to grow in faith and education, not only does it feel like home, everyone is so welcoming and helpful, whenever you need help, ask and you will find what you are looking for, if the person you ask does not know the anwser, than they will tell you who can or even call them for you.


A small, Midwestern liberal arts college focused on giving students a strong academic background while instilling the type of servant leadership strong Christians should employ.


Wisconsin Lutheran College strives for excellence with all of their students in a faith based atmosphere.


WLC is a christian orientated school focused on academic excellence that prepares students socially and intellectually for the future.


Comfortable atmosphere, upbeat, happy, encouraging, willing to help with anything, smart, and fun!


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a small Liberal Arts college in a big city that pushes and challenges you everyday, it teaches you about yourself and keeps you grounded with solid values and morals.


My college is small and friendly.

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