Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse in many ways but we are all united in servant-leadership and the purpose of making a difference in the world with our future professions.


My classmates are people like me because they chose to attend a small, private college that they knew would prepare them for an up-to-date career in a modern and fast pace world.


I have not met any of my classmates yet. I don't leave for school until August 24.


My classmates are respectful and loving students who care about each other as well as their teachers. they are willing to help out with whatever needs you have and are willing to get to know each and every student.


My classmates are diverse, engaging, productive members of the campus and surrounding community.


Christian men and women desiring to grow in their faith and find a career where honor, honesty, repect, and leadership are highly valued.


My classmates are caring, intelligent, thoughtful, professional people.


I would describe the student body at Wisconsin Lutheran College as a collage because many different personalites make up our student population and each person is unique in his/her own way.


My classmates, for the most part, are mature, respectable, and fun.


My class mates are very accepting


Some of them are so dedicated that they worry to much about every little thing. Some of them are very nonchalant and seem to get by but still have a thriving social life. But the majority of students are happy and open, caring and concerned with not only their own success but their fellow classmates as well. Its good to know that if I don't understand a concept in class I have tons of people in that class to turn to and ask questions. And because of the small campus size i actually know most of them.


fun and genuine


My classmates are focused in class and out but have good social lives out of class.


My classmates are helpful and supportive of each other. I chose this sentance because as an education major, we all need each other for support and help. The education program is a tough program, and there are many group projects throughout the program. In order to be successful, students need to learn to collaberate and work together, just as they would at their future school of employment.


Intelligent, willing to learn and work hard, what ever it takes to succeed, they're willing to do.


Fun, driven, education-minded students who take themselves seriously, but not TOO seriously.


Consistent equilibrium between dedication to school work and healthy social interactions characterizes the students in my class, demonstrating a motivation for success while maintaining the ability to enjoy the phenomenal college years.


They are fun out going people that know how to have a good time.


My classmates have had varying experiences in life that have refined them to be the friendly, strong, and unique friends that they are.

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