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Wisconsin Lutheran College offers a unique educational experience in various professions while also training students to become servant-leaders and positive figures in the community.


The size is really small conpared to the other schools I looked at which is why I chose it.


I like how all the buildings on the campus is close to each other and how everything is laid out really well. It catches your eyes when you pull up into the circle in the front of the campus. Also I like how we can get to know people well and have fun doing things around the campus because they have varity of games and events going on.


WLC is unique compared to the other schools because of the size and the location. Its a smaller college yet it is located right on the edge of a larger city. You get the best of both worlds by choosing to attend WLC.


The thing that makes this campus unique and my top choice, was being that this school is very small and a private Christian college, the staff, students and the entire feel of the campus is supportive, friendly and so encouraging and helpful. It is the one thing that drew me in. Especially among the students, there is no stereotypes or segregation anyone, everyone is easy to make friends with. It really feels like everyone on campus wants the students to succeed and is always there to do whatever they can to help.


I know saying that this is a small school does not make it unique, but to me it does. It is small enogh so that you know every professor whether you have had them for a class or not. You get to know every student , but you also can meet a new person every day. This school takes the pressure that most big campused colleges place on students. It takes away that "I am just a number" feeling.


WLC is a rather conservative, Lutheran college. The classes are small and intimate, and the professors truly care about their students. They are willing to help - even at 2am. No alcohol is allowed on campus. It's a wonderful community where you feel at home and recognize everybody.


I think my school has a very friendly and family atmosphere. Everyone is very close and students and teachers alike all know each other. When one student has a devastating tragedy happen it happens to the entire school. A strong support system is there for all students and I think every students has his place in the school. I think Professors have a great passion for what they teach and that exudes out in their performance as educators. This in turn makes learning for the student a most enjoyable experience .


our student to teacher ratio is 11:1. Professors know the students and thier name. Help is very easy to get. The academics are hard, but so many resources avalialbe makes it possible for students to graduate. The school is Lutheran but does not tend to discriminate against other religions.


The teachers are very personable and the class size is just right - It gives you the ability to ask questions and participate as much as you want. It was close to home and the neighborhood is very good. Also, there are many activities around campus that you can participate in.


The exceptional feature of Wisconsin Lutheran College that elevated it far above the other schools that I considered is the faculty dedication to ensuring a productive experience for all students. Biology professor, Dr. Paul Boehlke, proved this point to me in the fall of my senior year of high school when he met me on a Saturday morning to give me a personal tour through the science facilities. While attending WLC, I have continually been the benefactor of similar sincerity, which makes learning considerably more comfortable and certainly more enjoyable.

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