Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I often bring up how far i am from home as well as being able to play a college sport after high school.


Usually the residence halls (dorms). They're far and above better than you standard cell-block white walls, unfurnished dorms. Complete temperature control, and provided mini-fridge and microwave. Every two dorms share a bathroom rather than a communal floor bathroom. Also, being a smaller college, undergrads can get experience in research.


This school means business and does not hand degrees out unless they are sure that you mean business too. The work load keeps you focused and is meant to prepare you in a liberal arts way. They pride themselves on their professional relationships with people who have hired WLC graduates in the past.


I often brag to my friends that Wisconsin Lutheran College has an atmosphere like no other college. I love the fact that everyone on campus is so friendly and willing to help one another. From the students to the professors, if you need help or direction in any manner there is always someone to help. While many colleges experience parties on the weekend I am very proud of the fact that there are very few to no parties on campus. People at Wisconsin Lutheran College do what is right in the eyes of God all the time.


The size of the campus and how helpful the falculty is. Being at a small college is great for many things including the more personalized attentio you get from all members of the falculty. They actually want to be there to help you out and know who you are as a person and not just another face in a lecture class of a a couple hundred students.


My friends know how proud I feel to be in Wisconsin Lutheran College, it is a great school. It has a great group of professors, staff, other professionals and students. It is a complete different world. The classes are all great!


How intense the Education Program is which makes you one of the best teachers you can be. The Professors are there to help and support your journey, not at the beginning or just at the end, but throughout. They work with you and help you be the best for the classrooms and future students you will teach.


The friendly people and professors there, the quality of the education, the excellence of the choir, the pretty buildings, nice classrooms


I brag about the great edcuation I received and all the amazing opportunities I was able to experience through WLC.


The Professors are very kind and helpful. They want to see you succeed and will never leave you behind in the class. Every Professor will put in extra time so the student understands the material better. They also make learning entertaining, but balance this with the serious side of the course. The Professors also have such great vigor when they teach, they are so compelling it makes listening to their lectures pleasing to the ears. I think this passion inspires students to do well in every subject that is taught.


The college is filled with opportunities. Everyone has opportunities to become involved in different sports, student groups and clubs, and in service projects. Even students who are normally hesitant about joining in groups will find people who enjoy similar sports, activities, service, and fine arts. Everyone can find a place in the school community. Getting involved means more opportunities to develop friendships and get to know new people. Wisconsin Lutheran also provides numerous opportunities to serve in the community, with the elderly, children, or the underprivileged.


The great campus atmosphere. The teachers know who I am because the class sizes are small. My psych advisor seems invested in my future and concerned with how I do in life. When I pass by people on the sidewalks to class they generally smile even if they don't know me and people open doors for other people. Its friendly, open, and free. I am very happy with my choice.


Our music programs are very good and are pretty much one -on one as the number of students is small. We are also a Christian Campus and have many opportunities to grow in our faith.


The small class sizes and the availability of professors.


I emphasize the small class sizes, and the one-on-one time you get with your professors. The campus isn't all spread out for miles. It is very centralized, which makes a nice walking distance from buildings. The campus is kept up very nicely. It is always decorated so beautifully for different seasons, and the JC workers (janitors) work very hard to keep it looking presentable. It doesn't have a "University" feel to it. It's very homey. We are located in a residential area of Milwaukee, but only about 7 minutes away from downtown!


The atmosphere is just awesome! You see faces that you recognize every day. The professors know you by name and say hi to you whenever you pass them on campus. There are a lot of extra-curricular activities that are free for students and gives you something to do in your spare time. Also, they give away some cool stuff, such as tickets to sporting events and other prizes.


How much I like my professors.

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