Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A homosexual or lesbian, or someone with no strong religious need.


Some one should not attend this school if they are a strong atheist because we are required to take theology classes, or if they want a big school with a large campus because this school is very tiny with a small campus and small class sizes.


someone not looking for a party. a person very rich and serious in academics


I don't want to sound unwelcoming, but anyone who doesn't have a religious background. It is a Lutheran college strongly based on Christ. If you're a student who slid through high school it wouldn't be a good idea either because professors push students here to do their best, and will not tolerate slacking.


Students who are not dedicated to their academic studies should not attend this college. At Wisconsin Lutheran College, the professors and faculty members give us the necessary tools and resources to be successful in whatever career path we select. If prospective students are not willing to put forth the effort, work hard, and take control of their future, then they should not attend Wisconsin Lutheran College.


Wisconsin Lutheran College would not be for the person who likes to be close to cities, as WLC is in a more residencial area even if there are a few shopping areas within a short driving distance.


I think that you need to be goal oriented to be at WLC. A person who is expecting to just be partying all the time and not doing homework would not really fit in the best. WLC is a dry campus, but there are a lot of people to meet and many things always going on. Being a person who goes to college expecting it to be easy and fun would not always be the case. It takes hard work and determination to be successful, but also being involved with the school, making friends, and having fun.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is open to anybody including those who aren't sure about their religous beliefs. This college is very small and family orientated. If you don't like knowing everybody and everybody knowing everything about you then this isn't the school for you. Also, there are certain rules that are very different from public colleges. If you are going to college hoping to party it up this is definatley not the school for you. Wisconsin Lutheran college is proudly a dry campus.


Someone that is not religious or not open to religion. It is required that each student takes a religion class each year. Also, if you're not willing to work hard and study hard, you will be wasting your money.


I don't know if there is a certain type of person that shouldn't attend this college. However, I feel that the student should be aware that it is a Christian liberal arts college, so the academics reflect this. Also, a student looking only to party and drink would find this "dry campus" college a bad decision.


Someone who is extremely anti-religion, not into small school settings, or not into a big city scene should not attend this school. It is Luterhan affiliated, a student body of under 1000, and located only fifteen minutes from downtown Milwaukee.


Someone who is "too cool" to get excited about school sponsored events. There is tons to do, but if you don't have a good, energetic and happy attitude, then you will just ruin the experience for yourself and for everyone around you.


I think almost anyone would do well at Wisconsin Lutheran College, but those with a liberal background would have a much harder time digesting the religious focus we have.

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