Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes there are some communication problems with some of the staff and the students.


It seems to be more difficult to be a commuter than a resident. Many things, such as tutoring meetings, meet late at night which makes it hard to meet most times.


The most frustrating thing about WLC is probably the distance from my home. Driving from Wisconsin to Michigan a few times a year, every year is rather annoying. However, if I am being honest I would say that nothing at WLC truly frustrates me to the point of anger. It is a good school.


That there are some cliques and that there arent alot of things to do on the weekends


I am in an acclerate degree completion program for adults and sometimes what we learn feels like a rehash of knowledge I already have.


The most frustrating thing about WLC is the somewhat limited hours of the cafeteria and library. With such a small student body, it is not usually worth it to keep all of the buildings and student services open at all times. The library is closed all day long on Saturdays, which can be frustrating for students who remain on campus on the weekends.


The flexibility of the campus food and meal plans. You are required to get a meal plan if you live in on-campus housing. The hours for the cafeteria are not the greatest either, dinner is only open for an hour and a half.


The way to afford it for middle income families. It seems like most financial aid awards are available only to students whose family makes next to nothing. My family is not broke, but they can't pay for my college out of pocket, which forces me to get loans which are hard to come by.


The most frustrating thing about attending Wisconsin Lutheran College is the diversity of the college. The college is not a very diverse place to go to school. It's a very good college but it's not diverse. A lot of the students there are from suburban high school and not many from inner city schools. The college would be better if it was more diverse with many more cultures there.


The most frustrating thing about my school is a common frustration among college students that wish to succeed. The amount of reading assigned as homework in every class consumes over five hours of almost every day. If the content is intriguing, the task is less frustration, but if the content is dry enough to start a forest fire, it makes for a very tiring task. There really is not much about my school that is frustrating, and most things that are have a solid reason for being so.


I can't think of anything actually.


The most fustrating thing about Wisconsin Lutheran College is the cost of everything. Tuttion and housing is enough, but then add the meal plan. Which makes no sense sometimes. That is not all add books and sometimes you reach your breaking point, but this is where I want to be so I take out loans and financial aid helps a lot. Financial aid knocks tuttion and housing in half, but the meal plan is rediculous.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that there are not more majors avaliable. Other schools around the area offer many more courses/majors in their school system and I hope that in the years to come, WLC will do the same.


The most frustrating thing about WLC is the lack of academicly minded people who don't go to college for the money.


The most frustrating thing about my school is it's small size only in that not a lot of people stay around on the weekends (most people go home) and if you are not involved in extra-curricular activities, it can be difficult to find things to do. Even in Milwaukee, it is still necessary to have a car to get to most places.

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