Wisconsin Lutheran College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size because the professors and staff are more personable. They are more likely to remember who someone is.


Personally for me I feel that the best thing about Wisconsin Lutheran College is the atmosphere. The students, professors and other staff are wonderful. Everyone wants each other to have one of the best experiences of their lives. At any given time there are people willing to give you help with anything that may be needed such as study tips or finding something to do. Also everyone seems to understand that we are there to learn and at the same time have fun, but striving to graduate is the ultimate goal.


The best thing about Wisconsin Lutheran College is how close the buildings are to each other and how available the professors and doctors are for the students to ask questions and get the help they need.


I believe the best thing about WLC is the size. It is small and accomodating. I was never taught by a student teacher, always the professor themselves. They truly care about each individual student and make time for each of you. The professors have time to inspire you, track your learning and notice the smalls things.


The best thing about my school is that it is Lutheran. My faith is the most important thing to me and that the school supports and teaches my beliefs is of the greatest vaule to me. Here I can grow in my faith with faculty and other students who share my religious views, and the school works to support and prepare me for my future with this focus.


Wisconsin Lutheran College has an excellent group of teachers. Since it is a small college, the classes are not too big and I have the opportunity to have a more personal interaction with my professors. It is even possible to have good relationships with the staff. Everyone seems so nice and ready to help. Also, the Christian environment makes a huge difference from other colleges, we are all on the same path.


The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. The opportunities at WLC are also amazing. I love the fact that the professors really care about their students. I also like the christian environment.


How you are accepted by all who attend and the staff. I am a returning, older student with life experience which is valued by all. The way that the staff at Wisconsin Lutheran College are there to encourage and come along side to support you during your journey.


The thing about WLC that stands out to me is the very welcoming community. The student body is comprised of less than 1,000 students, so there is no intimidating atmosphere. Christian values are portrayed throughout campus. The professors are fantastic and want the best for all of their students. Aside from band and choir rooms, the largest classroom can only hold 36 students. All of my professors knew me by name and knew the grades I was capable of earning.


The best thing about Wisconsin Lutheran College are the dorm rooms. The dorm rooms are the best rated in the state of Wisconsin and they are. They were just built recently and are very nice. The nice dorm rooms was one of the big reasons why I decided to go to Wisconsin Lutheran College.


Wisconsin Lutheran College is a Lutheran College, which means that it is bound together by it's faith. This does not mean that all students are Luthern, rather this school is very diverse. I like that attitude that professors display at the school and also the students around campus. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I love being able to come to class and know that the Professor knows what he or she is talking about and also that he or she will treat me as an adult.


The small environment because it lets the professors get to know you and work with you to help you pass in each class.


The small class sizes are really a plus at this school. Usually we have between 15-30 sudents in one classroom. It really helps the students feel comfortable asking questions. This also gives the professor more opportunity to get to know the students he is teaching. I feel that we all are able to then come together as a group and participate as a class in discussions or activities. Overall the population of our school is around 700. It is amazing how at home one can feel. We all become friends no matter what our class status or ethnicity. AWESOME!


The Christian community of the campus is wonderfully welcoming. An institution with Christian Professors (some liberal and some conservative) truly enhances my learning.


I think one of the best things about Wisconsin Lutheran College is a Liberal Arts College and has a religious affiliation with the WELS synod. I enjoy being taught by professors' that believe the same things I believe. I also love the small classrooms in each of my classes. At bigger schools you don't get that much one on one attention with the professor.


The Christian Environment . Most everyone Around you has the same believes and you learn everything from a Christian perspective.

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