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What are the academics like at your school?


Witt's a small, liberal arts college, and it definitely has that feel. I've been on a first name basis with countless professors, many of them will invite full classes over for dinner at the end of a semester, and you really do get cell phone numbers on many of the syllabi. Professors will go out of their way to make sure you're understanding the material, and will generally be available outside of office hours-even just to say hi. The resources, such as the Oral Communication Center, the Foreign Language lab, the Math Workshop, and the Writing Center, are priceless.


Our professors are amazing. They are so open to their students, and they want to get to know us as people, not just as another face in a classroom. I have had dinner at my professors' houses before and I can feel the love they have for their subject matter and their students every day when I go to class.


Academic life is great because of the professors. They're always, always, always willing to help a student out if they need some aid on homework, studying for a test, or for any other number of reasons. Talking to a professor is as easy as shooting them an e-mail, calling them on their provided phone numbers, or walking into their office during office hours. I have an interesting point of view just because I have one class where it's only two students and one professor so I get a lot of one on one time with the professor, increasing my understanding of the material exponentially.


Academic life at Wittenberg is definitely challenging, but even more rewarding. I have personal relationships with all of my professors and know that if I ever struggle with anything- be it academic related or not- they are there for me to talk with. I am a biology major but an english minor, allowing me to balance my relationships with the science faculty as well as the humanities faculty. This was an excellent choice for me and also makes me stand out for graduate school applications as it shows that I am capable of using both sides of my brain!


The Academic life at Wittenberg is very impressive. The majority of students are very focused on getting good grades, and succeeding later in life. The professors are amazing, whether it’s there willingness to help you or there friendliness outside of class. They invite classes to their homes for dinner and have a very personal relationship with their student (unlike big schools). Wittenberg's academic requirements also help students find what they want to do later in life. They make you take classes in fields that you may not be comfortable in, but it is worth it. You get a great taste of other majors and departments.


The academic life at Wittenberg is serious. You will be required to spend time outside of the classroom studying and properly preparing for class. Students are unable to just breeze through a course and not put any effort into their class work. Besides the remarkable professors who are always willing to help, Witt has numerous academic services including the Oral Communications Center, Math Workshop and Foreign Language Lab to provide assistance to struggling students.


The professors are very accommodating and you can build a one-on-one relationship with them because of the small class sizes. The classes are challenging but still interesting.


Classes are small and professors take a personal interest in those that are willing to put forth the effort to learn. This isn't a school that takes kindly to people that think they can just get by not paying attention with no real drive to learn, but for the person with learning and fun on their mind, this is the place to do it!


It is hard, but so worth it. I got a 3.5 GPA and it has been the hardest 3.5 that I have earned! This accomplishment makse me want more and has allowed me to challenge myself and try to get a 4.0. I could not enjoy the academic life elsewhere due to the fact that the staff are so interactive and they care about you success


Since the class sizes are relatively small, all my professors know my name and a little bit about me. I love how approachable the professors are here and how available they are to assist their students. While the academic rigor is pretty difficult, there are many resources to take advantage of such as the Writing Center, FLLC, Math Lab, etc.


Wittenberg has wonderful academics! I still keep up with professors I had my freshman year. I feel totally comfortable asking professors for help and have been overwhelmingly pleased with the results! Each department has something special or unique to offer it's students, and I think that really sets Witt apart from other schools. I can't lie, the general education requirements are difficult sometimes, but I have seen how they have expanded my knowledge and especially how they overlap in so many ways, and that makes it all worth it!


Going along with the theme of Witt is a pretty small school, it's beneficial in the way that all of your professors that you will have will undoubtedly know your name... for all of your 4 years! This is great because the professors here truly do want to help you, they all have the open door policy. It's so great that a lot of them will give out their home phone #'s so you can call them with any questions you have. That's one of my favorite parts about Witt because not only do you have endless resources for stuff like reference letters but the opportunities for learning and expanding that knowledge is even more great.


I would like to think that Wittenberg's academic life is both challenging, yet nurturing. Most likely, professors will question and push you to do more than you have been accustomed to, however, they will also porvide you with all the support and guidance you need. As a student, professors know you by name, they provide you with their email and cell/home phone numbers, and they want to see you succeed. Also, class sizes are relatively low, with the average class size around 20 students.


My personal favorite thing about Wittenberg is the professors. They are dedicated to helping you develop not only as a student, but as a person. I have never had a professor that wasn't open to new ideas, or willing to talk to you about your thoughts on the course. They are willing to speak anytime about grades, tests, or any questions you have about anything. The academic standards at Wittenberg are top-notch. One thing that I realized is that college is supposed to be a great experience, but you are there to learn first and foremost. Students generally agree on this, though there are some who don't put forth as much effort as others. The education is core, with liberal arts at the center. Students take a wide variety of classes that help them decide what they want to do after college. With excellent internship opportunities and study abroad opportunities, most students are able to be placed into jobs or graduate school right after graduation.


The profs here are AWESOME! If you go a full year without visiting a profs house you aren't taking full advantage of the opportunities being offered, because that's just how the profs at Witt are. With a smaller class size it all becomes about the individuals achievements and not just passing the class, but working one on one if that will help. Profs doors are always open, for homework help or a good chat.


The professors always know your name. They expect a lot from you though. You must always show up to class, participate and show interest in the specific topic. Wittenberg tests your intellect while allowing you to build on what you've already learned. I believe that the reason I learned so much was because of the wonderful professors who always struck an interest in my learning. Intellectual conversations are always happening around campus outside of class, but having fun at Wittenberg with your friends is important too. The academic requirements are demanding, but can be done. I graduated!!


I haven't started classes yet...Although, my sister is a "senior to be" She informs me that she has had dinner with her professors before at his/her house. She said that she becomes close to them and really enjoys the intelligent conversations that she is capable of holding with them. The learning process becomes easier and more in deepth when the classes are small and her voice and thoughts can be heard by all. This way she can also recieve feedback form her peers and teachers. Not only is she heard but she can listen and be open to others views. in a world that is so judgmental i feel this teaches students to hear all sides and to inform themselves so they can make a educated decisions in life.


All of my professors that i have had knew my name when i took their class and most of them still do even though the class is over. Classes are one of the best things about Wittenberg, with a large faculty/student ratio the learning experience is great.


Academics here at Witt are great. I have really (for the most part) enjoyed my classes. The faculty are always passionate in their fields, and I have only encountered a couple that never learned my name. I feel the standards for Witt are a little low upon admittance.


Most of my faculty are great--willing to help me. Especially my bio profs--they are awesome. Of course, a few a total dorks, but they seem to be helpful.


Let's just be honest....I have every single home phone number of my professors! And their email at school and at home, their cell numbers, sometimes even their address....! That is the type of prof that we have here...the type that actually cares about having their students come visit them in their office, the type that yearns to become a resource to advance the learning of their students, and the type that makes their classes fun. I mean, where else can you find freshmen seminar classes on coffee, Disney movies, the American west, fishing or cave exploration?!?!


Tough, but yet nurturing. THe Profs here know that you have a a life outside of the classroom. I and many other kids typically study every night and study a lot on the weekends too. Don't worry though you' still have plenty of time to go out on Fridays and or Saturdays. The overall purpose of this school is to help you Grow and the professors here want you to be at your finest academic level possible but they want you to experience the best 4-5 years of your life!


Academics are very supportive--professors are always encouraging students to stop by during office hours if they need anything at all.


Professors will know your name by the second week of class, if they don't know you already. My favorite class was a media in politics class, where we looked at real world media and how it shaped public opinion. My least favorite class was an east asian studies general education requirement. Witt students will frequently discuss course material outside of class. Professors are always there to help after class if you need it, and that usually helps me out a lot. Witt will prepare you to do anything you want, I truly believe that. (I have no idea what I want to do though!)


Here, class participation is very common and almost every class I've taken has had an attendance policy. I'm happy about that because for the amount that I pay to go here, I wouldnt' want to miss class because I was lazy or if I could just get the lecture online. I enjoy the small class sizes because I can get one-on-one attention, and professors have a lot of office hours. If their hours don't agree with your schedule, the majority of professors have no problem meeting with you at a time that works for you.


At Wittenberg, I knew all of my professors by name (usually by their first name), they care and they make themselves available outside of class (often I would get home phone numbers, cell phone numbers and AOL screen names so I could contact them when they weren't in their office). We are an intellectually-curious campus, and I would often find myself talking about my studies outside of class - however, Witt students don't like to sit in their rooms alone doing homework. Most of the time, the library and all of the computer labs are packed with people who are working on group projects together, or spending time with friends while they are doing work. Wittenberg is a liberal arts school, so you are required to take certain types of classes (in different departments - but there are lots of choices) - Witt prepares people for life more so than just to do a certain job, you leave Witt with an understanding of the world around you and the knowledge of how you fit into the world, you know how to think creatively and critically - skills that are worth their weight in gold.


Truthfully, Witt is a hard school. To be successful you have to study and the classes are so small that you cant slack off or the teacher will find out. However, the classes are great and for the size of the school we have a ton of diversity in our programs. The professors are great too, you get to know them personally, and after graduation they are relationships that you maintain as friends. The professors are always there for the students and are always willing to help in any way they can.


Professors are friendly and a great resource. They are there to talk to when needed, even if it's not about academics. I study very often, although I feel as though I study more than the average student. Class participation is expected in every class. You get out what you put in. Education is not geared toward getting a job and in my experience, this is the most difficult part about being at Witt. The career center did very little to help me, even though I have pursued their help on many occasions. Learning for it's own sake is far more important.


Wittenberg definitely has a healthy party atmosphere but students are dedicated to their academics as well...some more than others. I think there is a good balance between having a good time but doing well in class. Enjoying class and putting effort into classwork is definitely helped by the fact that professors know each of there students name and some things that they do on campus. I feel comfortable around all of my professors and have been to a few of their houses for dinner (with the rest of my class). Most class are discussion based instead of lectures all the time which also gives students a chance to talk about what they are learning not just be talked at. There are so many hands on experiences for all majors on campus and in the surrounding areas. As a communication major I am given opportunities in the department to develop my skills that will be necessary when I graduate. Communication Leaders is one of those opportunities. Comm Leaders is a group of 10 senior comm. majors who showed exemplary leadership skills and a desire to put their communication skills to work and learn how to be able to market themselves in the competitive job market. We do have to take general education requirements, but there are so many options that will fulfill each one that finding a class that you will enjoy and will be beneficial overall is easy to do.


If I could offer you one piece of advice that would be to learn time management. If you manage your time wisely you will get all your work done during the day, and have plenty of time to play on the nights and weekends. The work isn't really that hard if you stay on task, stay up-to-date on your syllabus, and complete your work before class. I'm on the deans list and go out and have fun with my friends three times a week!


The professors here are one of the biggest advantages here. All of my teachers know my name, even if I haven't taken a class with them since first semester freshman year. I have a lot of their phone numbers and are friends with them on facebook, as well as attending some barbeques they throw at their homes. The coursework can be difficult and challenging, but I rarely feel overwhelmed. The University also has a math, english, foreign language, and communication labs to help with any and every thing you may need.


The academic scene is great! The faculties are engaging, the work is challenging and there are enough students who want to do well. The education at Wittenberg is geared not toward getting one job, but any job--seriously. We learn how to think and communicate. The classroom atmosphere is perfect--small.


The acedemic oart of Wittenberg is very good. the vast majority of the professors take the time to get to know your name and who you are as a person. The classes are set up for you to learn in the best possible way. I feel that many students study very hard for their classes.


oops. see above. but WITHOUT A DOUBT i love our faculty. i could have honestly asked any of my professors for a recommendation for jobs and they would be able to write an accurate description of who i am and how i work because they care about me and my success. i have had professors celebrate my accomplishments and talk me through my failures.


Great academic experience. Small classroom sizes allow for more one on one time with professors. They know your name! Witt is challenging, but it is possible to have a life outside of academics.


the 2 best things about witt are the people and the professors. What sets us apart is how much our faculty and staff care about every student. With class sizes averaging 14 (our largest class is an intro to biology course seating 60), you get that 1 on 1 attention and then some. It is not unusual to see a Witt student and professor grabbing lunch, or venturing down to yellow springs (a little town 10 minutes away). Your professors know you by name from day 1, want to get to know you, and inspire you to reach your goals--or find out what your goals may be. I have gone abroad with my professors twice to China and Africa, and that is not unusual with Witts 4-6 week summer study abroad programs traveling to places like Paris, research in the bahamas, lesotho africa, china, japan, and england. The best part about our classes is you come out knowing how to interact with people. That is the most important part about being successful. I know I can walk into any room and have a decent conversation with anyone. I am educated enough about a broad variety of topics and issues and know how to communicate effectively. I find you do not find that anywhere else.


One of the greatest assets the university has is its professors. I’ve had multiple professors whose goal was at the end of the first day to know every student’s name in the classroom without looking at their attendance sheets with pictures. I even have a professor that the first day of class knows your major, where you’re from, and other interesting facts about you. When I went abroad and showed up on the leave of absence list for the semester, a professor I’d had for 1 class the semester before, e-mailed me asking to make sure everything was alright, not realizing I was just abroad. It’s also not uncommon for professors (not TA’s) to hold review sessions the night before an exam, scheduling them to fit the entire class’s schedule or making themselves available, for instance, in the Math workshop the night before an exam to help answer questions. If you want an incredible story about the lengths Witt professors will go, check out this story: http://www4.wittenberg.edu/news/2009/02_16.html . It’s this level of personal attention and dedication that I believe sets Wittenberg apart. In general, classes range in difficulty level. Each major has a few really difficult classes that you can’t avoid. While classes move at a much faster pace than in high school, I didn’t find it very difficult to transition in terms of difficulty level or workload if you keep up with the syllabus. With in-class time only 12 hours a week, you also have a much longer time period allotted to getting work done than in high school.


Most professors know your name by the second or third week of class. They are willing to go above and beyond to ensure your success, without spoon feeding you the information. Help is available at the Writing Center, Math Workshop, Foreign Language Learning Center, Oral Communication Center, and through the Supplemental Instruction program. The general education requirements encourage students to explore many areas of study within the liberal arts education available at Wittenberg.


Academics at Witt can be challenging, but there are plenty of resources available for students who need or want help with their studies. The professors are great. They become like family, willing to help students and really care about them. We also have resources like the writing center, math workshop and foreign language learning center (just to name a few) to help students in various subject areas.


Academics are pretty tough here, but the faculty is great! They will help you outside of class.


As a liberal arts school, you take classes from most every department. This is nice because when you come into college undecided, have potential examples helps decide. As a biology major, I am always talking to my professors making advising meetings, having them go over notes or exams with me, or having them proofread labs before I turn them in. Professors make an effort to learn your name and most of the time I pop into their office just to say hi. My microbiology professor does research with students to help gain experience for their future job.


VERY CHALLENGING! But there are a lot of great professors and plenty of ways to get assistance if you need it.


Academics are challenging, being it a small school though if you find yourself in trouble the class sizes are small so the professors will always give you the time of day.