Wittenberg University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There's so much to do at Witt. Nobody's ever bored. Somebody always wants to do something, and there's always somebody else to do it with. While we do sometimes tend to stay "in the bubble" of campus, leaving campus can provide some fun and memorable adventures. Intramurals are so much fun, and so competitive, and the championship shirt is definitely worth it. There's definitely stuff to do on campus other than drink, even if some people say that's all there is at Witt!


Sports teams are like families here at Wittenberg, but that doesn't mean you have to be part of a sports team to have friends on those teams. The campus as a whole is very supportive of each others' activities and events, with non-Greek students attending Greek philanthropy fundraisers and with student athletes of one team going to cheer on another team. There is so much going on here on any given night-from comedians to student performers to movie nights, students are only bored if they refuse to leave their room.


There are tons of activities going on around campus at all times. There is rarely a night where some club is not giving away free food or doing something ridiculous to raise money for a good cause. Joining clubs is something I strongly encourage as a means to get to know new people here on campus. The Society of Physics Students, which I am president of, is co-sponsoring an ice cream social this week, and as a member of the outdoors club, I have the chance to go skydiving at the end of the month. I am also involved in greek life and I love it, but I wasn't involved with it my first three years on campus and I still enjoyed campus-life immensely so I do not see fraternities or sororities as things that are dependent on you having fun. And lastly, people party hardy here.


Social life is fantastic at Wittenberg! Everyone knows each other (for the most part) and you always see friends out on the weekends. I enjoy hanging out with lots of friernds over the weekends and there are always activities going on on-campus- be they drinking or not drinking related. It is perfectly acceptable to abstain from alcohol on this college campus, which is a rarity at a lot of other college campuses. Students in dorms are very friendly and always leave doors open in the hopes of meeting new people and making new plans for the day/evening.


There are plenty of activities that are available to kids here at Wittenberg. Unlike a big school it is easy to get involved in many activities on campus whether a club sport or an organization. it is also very easy to start a club sport or organization. Kids are very willing to join and try out new things they have never done before.


With over 80 student organizations, there is always something going on around campus. The newly renovated games room called “Doppelgangers” or campus activity space/pub “Founders” also provides evening opportunities for students. Witt is a college institution and students do consume certain beverages of the weekend at house parties. But, don’t worry if that isn’t your activity of choice. Many students go out and decide not to drink alcohol at parties but rather just hang out with friends. Also, there are plenty of other activities going on during the weekend to keep students entertained and having a good time!


There are tons of student organizations on campus and if we don’t have an organization that you are looking for, it is really easy to make the group. It is a small school but there is always a lot to do on campus and most students choose to stay on campus during the weekends. Campus is close to multiple restaurants, movie theatres, and malls. Also, we are close to Columbus and Dayton so you can also explore the bigger cities on the weekends if you so desire.


There are a multitude of clubs on campus, and from all over the spectrum. Gaming, sports, science, reading, and more are all covered and there isn't a day that some club isn't meeting or doing something fun on campus. There are also lots of places to hang out on and off of campus, including the pub (which you have to be 21 to drink at but not to eat at) and game room on campus or the bowling alley off.


There is always something to do, dont let the size surprise you, I have never been bored since I have been here. the only time you have nothing to do is when you come to Wit with a closed mind. Again, come to Wittenberg with an open mind and you will never want to leave!


There is a vast variety of activities for students to get involved on campus. Unlike larger universities, Greek life does not dominate the social scene, but many students are in a sorority/fraternity. Other organizations students are commonly involved in are: union board, intramurals, sports teams, Honor Council, student government, OA etc. I personally am involved with Younglife- a Christian outreach ministry that targets high school kids. I volunteer as a leader and a "mentor" to a group of high school girls through Younglife.


Social life on Witt's campus is quite diverse. As I like to think of it, if you want to go and get wasted, you can do that... but if you prefer to hang out, you can do that too. No matter what your 'style' is, you can find someone who is right there with ya :) I myself don't drink and I have never had any trouble finding something fun to do on campus! The university is great at providing ways to have fun without the use of alcohol :)


Well, since I played soccer, I'll talk about sports. Duh! Sports are a pretty big part on our campus and that's not just for players. We always have a big student turn out at all Witt sporting events. On the biggest game days for all of our team, at least once throughout that season, we have a "Code Red" event where all the students in the student section where red. It's just awesome bonding time with your peers and obviously fun! A lot of students also participate in Intramurals and we have stuff from basketball to ping pong. It's just a really fun part of the campus that always brings us all together. But if you're not interested in that stuff, don't think you're going to be lost because our theatre/music department is also really big and there is always some sort of play, musical, or concert going on too! You're always offered variety at Witt and are not going to be thrown into something you don't enjoy.


Wittenberg has a very active social life for students willing to put themselves "out there" and try new things. Our campus has many, many different clubs and activities for someone to get involved. These range from varsity athletics to intramurals, outdoors club to anime club, and greek life to student senate. Students leave their doors open in their dorms, the dating scene is great and their are plenty of places to actually go on dates with columbus and Dayton close by. Greek life is a big part of our campus, but it isn't something you necessarily have to be involved in. I am in involved in greek life, and I love it, it is where I've met some of my best friends in college.


Sports teams are huge on campus. The Women's Volleyball team and Men's Football team are especially good. Intramurals are huge, as everyone competes for the coveted Championship t-shirt. Dorms are one big family, and there is almost a uniform open-door policy. I met all of my closest friends through social activities that the Student Activities office organizes (things like movies, comedians, etc.), classes, and in my dorm. There are always events on campus, from political speakers to authors, movies (last year we showed Avatar and Milk, among others), and Wittenberg's own comedy club Pocket Lint.


While the amount of work that hits toward the end of the semester may keep you busier than you would like, the rest of the year things are booming around Witt. We have Wittfest, which is one weekend where there are blowups and junk food abound, not to mention the countless clubs and activities as well as the games for cheering on the Witt Tigers!


Greek life is huge on this campus and over half of the student body is in a Greek organization. Many individuals are in campus organizations and almost the entire study body is involved in some sort of club, team, or organization. Athletic events are very popular and many attend regularly. A lot of people are dating which makes it hard if you are looking to date because a lot of the "good" ones are taken. This can be a downfall to the small campus. Partying happens on every campus, but Wittenberg has fun people who like to party. Partying happens A LOT!


I am aware that the vollyball team at Witt is extremely good at what they do. They go far in tournaments and i know that they have been outstanding for some time. I remeber attending their camp in the summer that is open to highschool teams. It lasts for 3 days and i can see that they care and want to have an impact on the the skills of the camp members. This camp is annual and a lot of teams attend. They are able to raise money through the camp. I know that they also go to Spain for a tournament. They are always active in the sport. Training starts early and the girls that play are very committed.


The social life here at witt is great, for one when i am in my room my door is always open as is with almost everyone else on the floor. Athletic events are very popular here because our teams are top in the nation and have been for decades. People party here when they want to, if that is what you like to do on the weekend it isn't hard to find a venue to do it at. But along with that their isn't any pressure for one to party.


Wittenberg is such an active campus at all times. There is always something going on, always something to do or participate in. However, a lot of the campus life (amongst students) is very wrapped up in partying.


I stay here every weekend. I didn't think I would, but it is fun here. I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, catch a game, and study. I need to study a lot--especially on Sundays. Last weekend, a group of us went to the football game--ROAD TRIP. It was crazy.


This is a college campus, therefore there is someone to hang out with and something to do any time of day or night...except for maybe 6 am on a Saturday! A lot of students tend to hang out at sporting events or at music events and concerts going on around campus. One thing we are not, is a suitcase college where students pack up a bag and their laundry and head home for the weekend. There are always people here, especially on the weekends when there is lots going on.


Greek Life is big, but not necessary. Social life is key however. It makes it easier to strive at this school. Opportunities to be involved in anything they want Greek Life, INtramurals, clubs, student Government etc. Parties are Wednesday Friday Saturday


Students find a wide variety of activities--there are the standard college parties for those interested, but many people also explore events on campus such as comedians, musicians, and artists. Wittenberg has numerous common spaces in which students can meet up and have a good time.


We have a vibrant social life, and it is a lot of fun! Big nights to go out on campus are on Wednesday (academically permitting), Friday, and Saturday nights. There are plenty of other things to do though! Supporting Tiger athletics is one of my favorite alternatives to partying, as well as finding a group to watch a movie with. Students leave their doors open in the dorms, and its a great way to meet new people! Lots of students date, but its not the culture where most of your friends are engaged by junior or senior year. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday you're probably cramming! There are tons of campus traditions, stepping on the seal, a kissing bridge, streaking the hollow, the Witt vs.Wooster basketball game, a CBS walkout, homecoming football, and a beautiful outdoor commencement ceremony.


The most popular groups on campus are generally the Greeks and the athletes. A lot of people go to athletic events. Some people party almost every night. If you want to go out, it is not hard to find someone to go with you. On the other hand, there are plenty of people on campus who choose not to drink. For those who choose not to drink, there are two movie theatres in Springfield, along with a variety of restaurants.


Witt students LOVE being involved! There are over 100 organizations on campus - you name it we have it. And most students are involved in more than one (most are in several). Greek Life is an option on campus and it represents about 25% of the student body - however, there is no tension between Greek and independent students and friendships rarely change when someone goes Greek. On the weekends most students stay on campus (~95% stay around during the weekend), so we create a lot of events and parties. It is often difficult to figure out what you want to do on the weekend, because there are so many options (and you usually want to do everything). We also have a lot of traditions on campus: the kissing bridge (if you kiss someone a certain number of times on the bridge, you're supposed to get married to them), the seal (we don't step on the seal, in the middle of campus, until you graduate), and streaking the hollow (before you graduate, it is highly recommended that you streak the hollow - I think you can figure out what that entails) to name a few.


Witt puts a lot of effort into social event for students. There are Witt Wednesdays (alcohol free) where there might be a game show in the cafeteria or a band play in Post 95 (the cafe). Also once a year they bring in a major band or artist to perform for Witt Fest, this year it was hellogoodbye. Greek life on campus is big. Sure there is a drinking scene, where isn't there, but there is a lot of stuff on campus that doesn't involve that. Student groups and activities in Springfield like movies and restaurants.


I think sports are big thing on campus, along with Greek life. Although there are plenty of other activities if those aren't for you. But to enjoy the campus, you have to get involved somewhere. Students would leave their doors open more if the RA's kept their promises to give them door holders. And the new set up of mixing sophomores and freshman was a terrible idea that didn't work. I was far more connected to all the freshman that lived on my floor than the freshmen that I live with now are to each other. New Dorm being a freshman dorm was a great idea.


Greek life is a growing population on campus. About 30% of students are Greek. I am Greek but I don't think that it is the same type of organization portrayed on TV or in movies. Sororities and Fraternities are social organizations however they are a way to take leadership positions and get involved. Athletics is another organization that a lot of students are involved in. Every spring WittFest takes place in the hollow. WittFest is a day full of music, games, food and craziness. A semi-famous band plays in the evening but any other band or musical group can try-out to play during the day. The whole thing is FREE and the majority of campus attends. Parties are a normal thing to find in off-campus houses or apartments. You can expect a plethora of parties to occur on any given night, especially on the weekends. There are two bars in walking distance of campus that Witt students frequent almost any night of the week.


There is tons to do for everyone here on campus. We just got a great new game room called Dopple Gangers, it has ski ball, photo hunt, wii, rockback, ping pong, DDR, hockey, etc to tickle your fancy. There are also pretty much always sporting events if you're in to that. There are house parties and two bars on campus called Station and McMurrays, which are so much fun.


There are so many student organizations that it is hard not to go get involved. With 120 org's, there are meetings several times a day. Along side with athletic events, the University and Union Board present enough speakers, comedians, and entertainers it is hard to find a chance to have nothing to do. The big festival we have at the end of the year, Wittfest, always has a big name band perform for FREE. (This year is Hellogoodbye). The partying is also a big thing, as you can go out absolutely any night and have a good time, but it is by all means not a necessity.


It's hard to describe the social life without writing a thesis. In sort, the social life is great! There is a lot to do on campus. Wittenberg's only weakness is that there is very little social life or on the weekends in the city. However, there are enough activities to keep you busy. I'm involved in a lot of student organizations and i've learned a lot from each one. The main one--track--has taught me how to compete.


There are quite a bit of women who are involved in sororities on campus. THere are not as many men involved in Fraternities. The Fraternities and sororities are a big part of life on Wittenberg becuase they are constantly sponoring or co-sponsoring different activities or speakers on campus.


i met some of my best friends (and my roommate to this day) from my dorm freshman year... athletic events all the time. tons of "alternative event planning" such as game show nights, movie nights, date auctions, etc. that will definitely keep you busy if you take advantage of it. theater stuff all the time--whether you want to get involved in a short one-act, or just attend a mainstage...there's always stuff going on. despite what someone might tell you...you don't have to go greek. i'm not. a lot of my friends are, but don't feel pressured. be yourself. i also don't drink and i have fun with the above "alternative" programming that A TON OF PEOPLE go to.


Greek life and sports are big at Witt. I am involved in Greek Life and I LOVE it! It was definitely the best college decision I have made, I would highly recommend going Greek to anyone! Athletic events are extremely popular, and performing arts acitivities such as One Acts and Just Eve are popular to attend as well (it makes it especially fun since you are going usually to see your friends perform). Although Witt takes pride in its academics, it is definitely a school where you can get rowdy; every night of the week you can find students willing to drink.


Witt has been ranked recently as one of the top places for things to do on campus. In my 4 years here I strongly believe that. Witt finally has it together. There are activities every night of the week varying from comedy clubs, movies, sporting events, concerts, random stuff (like free massages during finals or pumpkin carving contests) to the new game room (developed by student senate). I think the motto to describe every aspect of wittenberg in 'Work hard, Play hard' There is a large party scene at witt. And parties are open and friendly. you will usually find people from all areas of campus, not just one sport team or greek house or group. It is not unusual to walk from house to house in the fall or spring going party to party. With that said, you will also find the same witt students out the night before in their 8am or morning meeting or class ready to go the next morning.


While I wasn’t aware of most of the on-campus social activities as a freshman, it seems Witt has made a conscious effort to increase the amount of on campus programming. Union Board, in charge of campus programming, has started bringing in artists for coffee houses as well as comedy acts, and the classes sponsor Post-It, which features musical acts from each class. This year has also featured Witt Wednesdays, in which different campus organizations sponsor a different event each Wednesday night. These have ranged from showing The Dark Knight and Twilight before they were released on DVD to a Rock Band tournament. One of the improvements this semester was the redesign of the game room on campus. To e honest, I had never been in the game room for my first 3.5 years at Witt, but the new game room is amazing. There’s a video posted of its design. It features Wii’s, flat screen tv’s, ski ball, and more. Since it’s opened, every time I walk by, I hear ski ball going off. Students also look forward to the all male, WittMen Crew and all female, Just Eve, a cappella group concerts each winter and spring. They’re always really well attended. There’s a lot of varsity athletes on campus, and a lot of them are also very active outside of just athletics. In addition to varsity athletics, club sports are also picking up interest, specifically the rugby, hockey, sailing, water polo, and crew teams.


There are many organizations on campus to engage any student's interests. If you can't find an organization to satisfy your needs, there is a straight forward process to become a University recognized student organization through the Student Senate. The degree of involvement varies from student to student, from one organization to ten. The social life is limited, but I've seen a lot of improvement in my first three years at Wittenberg. Opportunities to drink are available for those who choose to do so, but these are not the only weekend activities available. The new game room in the student center offers hours of entertainment for students.


Wittenberg has so much to do. If you really want to enjoy college get involved, be social (even if that means not drinking), and live it up. These are the best years of your life!


Wittenberg students defiantly have a good time. There are house parties and bars within walking distance. There is a lot to do if students choose not to party. We just opened a new game room and it's awesome!


There are many athletes on campus. Not only are there normal sports teams, but club and intramurals offered as well. Homecoming is a huge event with a lot of alumni coming back to their alma mater. There are lots of weekend activities both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Sororities and fraternities often join together to host non-alcoholic events and to get the student body together. People are constantly making friends.


There are just so many activities to choose from. There are always clubs and sporting events to attend as well as special events such as comedians and game shows on a regular basis. I am not a fan of drinking, yet I still feel welcome at parties and there are plenty of other ways to fill your time aside from drinking here at Wittenberg.