Wittenberg University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If you've ever wanted to feel a sense of inclusion, compassion, challenge, and home, well Wittenberg is where you need to go. I pride myself in going to a university that has such friendly students and faculty. Everyday, people take interest in my life and my academics on a personal level. I am always challenged to better myself through academics, community service, and through exploring who I want to be. There are so many activities on campus here where I can be myself and am welcomed with open arms. That's what home is to me. Home is Wittenberg.


Even in my largest class (about 80 students), the first time I ever went to my professor's office hours he knew my name, how I was doing in his class, and my intended major off the top of his head.


I would brag about how Wittenberg has SI's.


I brag about our professors because they are the absoulte best! They always provide the class with their personal numbers and often have the class over for dinner a few times a semester. They are really flexible with their time and are willing to work around your schedule to make sure you are provided with the attention you need and deserve.


From the very first minute of new-student days to the last weeks of senior year, i have always felt that the attitude on campus is what sets Wittenberg apart from any other University. People here are friendly, helpful, and concerned for each other. Professors are involved and incredibly accessible. No one seems to be content with blending in - we all want to share what we have found. Every student and faculty seems to know that they are part of something bigger, the Wittenberg community, which is dedicated to facilitating the best possible education and college experience for every member.


I play on a great volleyball team. Beautiful campus


Wittenberg University is an excellent undergraduate school that provides their students with a liberal arts education. There are state of the art academic and athletic facilities avaliable to students at Wittenberg. There are also numerous on and off campus activites including greek life. Everyone at Wittenberg is friendly and helpful. I feel like I am at home when I am on campus.


what a beautiful campus it is how engaging the professors are how it became my home what a great education I got the awesome experience of playing a varsity sport at the collegiate level for 4 yrs