Wittenberg University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The registration for classes are a pain in the butt becuase you have to scedule to meet with your advisore before scheduling any class that you want. In the meantime classes will be leaving left and right because all of the students will try to get all of the easy and most needed classes which leaves your options as a freshman to a hold because the rest of the classes suck. Wittenberg isn't the place for me but it might be the place for you. Goodluck and have fun but I will not be stepping foot in Springfield, OH.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of on campus diversity. Our students aren't opposed to it, but the town around us is pretty ethnically, religiously, and politically bland, so differnt people stick out in a good way. But I'm used to a city with much more character and diversity, so it feels like I'm around the same kinds of people all the time. They are good people, but they all seem the same after a while.


Because it is so small, you get to know a lot of people so it is a bit like high school on the social aspect, but there are enough people that you dont know everyone. However, since there are so few people, there can be a lot of drama.


Too many required courses.


If I had to pick one thing about my school to be the "worst," I would say the food on campus, but only because there's not much variety to it. It gets old after a few months of eating it.