Wittenberg University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Everyone here talks about the "Witt Light" and the "Witt Family," and while these sound really corny to prospectives, you learn within the first weeks and months what these really mean. You learn to embrace and pass on your light and that the people you're spending these four years with will always ask how high if you say to jump. Wittenberg is my home away from home.


The best thing about Wittenberg is the friendly atmosphere. Walking to class during the day, I always see people to say hello to, and I always feel like a valuable part of the community. More than just seeing friendly faces, I am surrounded by beautiful scenery and green space every day.


Wittenberg holds a lot of faith on traditions: no stepping on the seal, sledding down the hollow on first snow, W-day, Wittenberg vs. Wooster rivalry, the kissing bridge, etc., but I feel like there's a lot of merit to the creation and fostering of your own traditions. Whether that means a tackle football game on the football field during the first blizzard, a semi-annual rootbeer float party, jamming all your friends onto one table at the dining room for a birthday, or buying a pizza after every intramural victory.


The school is the perfect size in my opinion. It is small in a sense that you will always recognize someone no matter where you go, but at the same time there will always be a face you do not recognize. It is this perfect balance that allows Wittenberg to feel the perfect size to me. Wittenberg students are very proud of their school and show it in every campus activity possible! Tiger spirit is the way to go!


Wittenberg is not too small and it’s not too big. You can go to class and know one or two people but yet make a new friend and see people you have never seen before. It is really like a big extended family.


Wittenberg is a liberal arts school with around 2,000 students located in Springfield, Ohio. My favorite part about Witt is the family atmosphere. Inside of the classroom, professors are always willing to go the extra mile for their students whether it is tutoring beyond office hours or being a friend to a stressed out student. Outside the classroom, Witt is a gorgeous campus filled with friendly students. Since you see at least ten people you know on your way to class, students are always smiling and saying hello to one another.


For me, Wittenberg is the perfect size. There are enough students that you don’t get bored but it is small enough that we all feel like a big family. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very welcoming and friendly, which is something that stood out to me on my campus tour. The best part of Wittenberg is probably the faculty.


Wittenberg is a smaller university, with a student:teacher ratio of 12:1 which is awesome, because class sizes stay smaller and work with profs is more personal. Everyone acts like a family, in that they really care for you on campus, students and faculty alike. School pride is amazing, like Code Red games when everyone becomes a sea of red in the stands, or just a normal football game can get packed. This is a great school for someone who wants to build friendships for life.


Going greek was one of the best things that have happened to me, I have not experienced that kind of excitement before! Meeting a group of people who want to be come together for a great good makes you so motivated to keep strong when things are not going you way. It has deff. been one of the most amazing experiences that I have gone through


The best thing about Wittenberg is the people! This includes the friendliness among students, the approachable professors, and all other faculty members. I think that the size of Witt is just right. I recognize people everywhere I go and feel very welcomed at "at home" here. Since I am not from Ohio, most people from home are not familiar with Wittenberg since it is a smaller school and the city of Springfield is not very prominent. I love that it is so easy to get involved here. My friends and I joined a kickball intramural team and won the championship our freshman year- we won the coveted "championship teeshirt" and wore it proudly in the weeks to follow!


The best part about Witt is the friendly environment that we have here. I love the fact that I can go anywhere on campus and smile or say hello to someone I don't know and they will smile or say hello right back to me. I also love all of the history and traditions that we have at Wittenberg. They have enriched my experience here beyond measure!


Wittenberg is the perfect school. It's fairly small but this way you get to know everyone. I still walk to class and everyday see someone who I don't know, but it's truly like having a second family at Witt. The one thing I would change, however, is because it's so small we really don't have many food options on campus. For example, we have three "meal options" like the cafeteria, etc. but I would love to have a Starbucks or something of that sort on campus.


I love the size of Wittenberg. With just around 2,000 students, Wittenberg University supports and provides interpersonal relationships that allow you to feel more connected to the university and fellow students. It's a great feeling walking from one area of campus to another, seeing friends and classmates. Initially, I thought I wanted to go to a big state school, however, I'm thankful I didn't because otherwise I would probably feel like a number. The close relationships I've developed with classmates and professors hold me accountable for my actions. It's like the size of Wittenberg is an additional support system.


The atmosphere of Wittenberg is awesome. Everything about it is right for me. When I visited, I knew immediately that it was the school that I wanted to spend the next four years of my life at. There aren't many complaints among the students, most people enjoy everything. The food is above average for college food, and there are many options available every day. The town of Springfield is convienent, with everything you need within driving distance (a few miles). The school is small, but not small enough to weigh a person down. Everyone seems to wave to each other, and friendliness is definitely something that Wittenberg is known for.


We have a really tight knit community that is obvious first thing any one enters the campus. At Witt students and faculty share the halls and the paths leading between buildings, even the cafeteria, and it's always in a pleasant way, as everyone smiles and waves and generally accepts everyone else


Wittenberg is a small liberal arts school in Springfield, Ohio. Wittenberg is like a community and the perfect size for getting to know the student body, professors, and faculty and staff. Wittenberg is a college town and there is a lot of school pride. The majority of students would say that coming to Wittenberg was the best decision that they made for their college choice. My favorite part about Wittenberg was getting to know all of your professors and seeing how open they were to helping you get through your toughest obstacles. The people here are wonderful. I have met my closest and dearest friends at Wittenberg through campus organizations, classes, and in my sorority, Delta Gamma. I now call Wittenberg my home.


i like that wittenbeerg is a small school. The scenery also draws in a lot of students and the it one of the factors that draws them here. i feel that the professors are very personable and i cant wait to start my classes to get that one on one contact that i wouldnt have been able to get at larger schools. Here at Wittenberg im not lost in a sea of faces. I have the ability to stand out and be noticed.


Our school is just right, you can meet a lot of new people on a personal level but its still big enough were you can have your freedom from everyone being in your business all the time.


The size of the school is perfect. It's big enough to be well established, but small enough to provide the intimate classroom setting that so many students need. Campus is beautiful; however, I wish it were not in Springfield.


This is a great school. People love it here. I am excited to move off-campus into an apartment next year.


Smack dab in the middle of campus, there is the first building of the univeristy, Meyers Hall. It is this massive red brick building with hugh white columns in front, and a bell in the copola. That bell only rings twice a year: during freshman orientation and during senior graduation. And it is the coolest sound you will ever hear. Not because the bell is special and plays the theme song from the Brady Bunch, and not because it is the loudest bell on the planet, and not because it is made out of pure gold (which it isn't!) That bell is so important because it means that you've become a part of something greater than yourself! It hearalds you into the Wittenberg family and with arms wide open, that bell opens every door on campus to every student providing them with every resources and opportunity available. Then at the end of your four years, it serenades you as you walk to recieve your diploma and head off to your future. It doesn't say goodbye, but simply "see ya later" because let's just face it--once you are a part of Witt, then you are a part of it, as much as it is a part of you, forever.


THe best thing about Wittenberg is the closeness you'll have with your faculty, friends, and other students. The school is only about 2000 kids. However, you will be challenged academically the same if not more than any other prestigious university or college. You WILL know your professors by name and they will know you as well. We do have a small campus but most of the kids enjoy staying on campus. Between classes kids like to study at the library, go to our coffee shop Post 95, or take a nap in our Hollow!!! The administration is always here to help. The professors want you to succeed and you are NOT a number. The administration such as Financial Aide and Student Accounts understands student dilemmas and will always help you if you have a problem. Overall, very understanding!!!!


Wittenberg is a place where you'll make your own opportunities. If you want to spend four years sitting in your room, you can certainly do that if you'd like. However, you can also take another path--one where you discover and explore your passions and expose yourself to new experiences. I think I'll recommend the latter path.


The best thing about Wittenberg is the people (faculty and staff included)! If you visit campus, you'll notice that people hold doors for each other. This act holds true to the respect we have for one another. I like the size of our student body too, its small enough to be recognized, but big enough to meet people everyday who can change your outlook on life. I spend most of my time in the physical education building trying to earn my team and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. My role on the volleyball team has been my most unique experience, because of the level of competitive spirit and commitment my teammates and I share. I am not just a "jock" though, Wittenberg has allowed (and forced!) me to become so much more. It's also great that we get involved in community service! I will always remember my sophomore year when my volleyball team hosted a game against a major national rival, #1 in the country (WITT!) vs. #2. When my team ran out of the locker room for game time, we were greeted with 1400 fans, waving their red rally towels with vigor. Needless to say we "Tigered up" and won the match!


I went to a very small high school, so I was looking for a small college where I could get one-on-one attention. Here, the professors know you by name, and they generally care about how you are doing in class. I wouldn't want to go to a larger university where I am just a number and professors could care less how I am doing in their class.


Wittenberg is a small school (about 2,000) students, but it's a perfect size. We have a lot of school pride and spirit and love supporting our students (in athletics, plays, musicals, etc.). Most people don't really know much about Wittenberg, they might not know where Springfield is (between Dayton and Columbus), and they might thing that Wittenberg is really expensive (but we have great scholarships, I had half of my tuition paid because of the community service that I had done in high school). But, Witt is a great school!


Witt is great for many different reasons. Its a small school, but not too small that you are bored with the people here. The size is just right for creating a community atmosphere. Where you know almost everyone name. You have had at least one class where everyone. And you have friends with people outside of your major. There are a lot of cool things to do here, sure there are bars, but Witt is also located in the middle of Springfield, a mid sized city, so there is also a ton of shopping, and many different opportunities to become involved in the community through service. Additionally the Springfield community is welcoming of Witt and many internship and job opportunities are given just to us.


The best thing about Wittenberg is the people. One thing I'd change would be the financial aspect. I have to wonder where costs could be cut. I have also heard many stories of scholarships being promised and then not given. Plus, there is no scholarship increase related to the percentage of tuition increase. This makes it seem as though once you are here, these types of monetary concerns and situations aren't important to the university anymore. It makes it seem as though no one really cares. I spend most of my time on campus in the academic buildings, including the library. Luckily, though, there are plenty of places to study with friends so the library doesn't have to be your only "best friend." Springfield is not a college town in any sense. There are VERY limited activities outside of campus, which is good and bad. Although, the university has taken many efforts to ensure that more opportunities are available on campus.


Wittenberg is a great size. At just around 2050 students we are about the size of a large high school. I would know a Witt student off campus even if they weren't wearing Witt apparel. However with being the size of a high school rumors fly around campus just like in high school. You know something about someone almost immediately. More and more people know what and where Wittenberg is and when I tell them that I go there it is normally a good reaction. They're response usually is something about I hear that is a good school, and it has a good reputation. There is a ton of school pride. I think that people are proud to say that they go to Witt. Sporting events are well attended by the student population and with the rowdiness and enthusiasm of the crowd you can tell that the students love their school. If I had to pick one thing that I love the most about Witt are the traditions. Stories and traditions are passed down for class to class and are carried throughout generations. Streaking the hollow, not stepping on the seal, the kissing bridge, and the ghost in Myers Hall are only a few of the traditions that everyone knows about.


Wittenberg is a great place to spend four years of college, you'll meet your best friends here, grow as a individual and as a professional. Wittenberg is a place where students work hard and play hard, there is never a task to large that cannot be helped with a station or mcmurray's break with your friends. Seriously though, trust me when I say Wittenberg is a great school, there's lots of fun to be had, and I wish I could spend four more years here.


Positives: +Student Body +Faculty +Fun Negatives: -Dining Services is sub-par and overrated. -Top end administration leads to poor programs and wastes resources, such as 250k spent on trash cans over campus.


Wittenberg is small liberal arts school that has allowed me to achieve a lot of success. There is little college town scene in the city on the weekends, but there's a lot to do on campus. The best thing about Wittenberg is the faculty.


The size of Witt is just right for me. I like being able to recognize people everyday. I think that one of the things of Witt that is the most unusual is the Community service requirement. I think that the requirement, while it can be a hassel to do, is a good way for the students to connect and support the Springfield community. The Springfield Community supports the Wittenberg Campus and it is a good expericence to be out in the community.


perfect. :) my professors know me by name, invite me to their houses, give students their cell phone numbers...it's so great. our faculty is SO knowledgeable, skilled, talented, and passionate.


Best thing about Witt: the PEOPLE! One thing I would change: Tuition price Small school Lots of school pride Sense of community


Wittenberg is a 2000 person campus located in urban Springfield, Ohio. I would say Wittenberg is in the most ideal location compared to other liberal arts schools because of its location in a revitalizing urban location. Springfield--an industrial town--is in the process of transitioning into a technology center while updating its industrial roots. With Wittenberg at the center of this transition given its long tradition and history here, we as students are provided with tons of internships and jobs as well as life experiences without having to travel far. Wittenberg has been given the stereotype of being in its own 'bubble' but that bubble is bursting. ten years ago, even 5 years ago there was a need to have that bubble, but now the city has caught up with the times and the university and are ready to work together.


In general, people find Wittenberg a friendly place. Walking from class to class or into the fitness center, I rarely go without seeing someone I don’t know and striking up a conversation as we’re walking. It’s not unusual to see professors using the workout center, swimming laps, or running around campus. The institution offers a wide variety of majors, ranging from the classical liberal arts offerings to more pre-professional programs, such as the Education or Management majors.


I knew Wittenberg was the right college for me the first time I visited campus. It has offered me the perfect balance of challenging courses and engaging extracurricular activities. It may sound corny, but I know it will guide me in the next step towards becoming the individual I am supposed to become.


Wittenberg is my second home. I love it here. It has a great academic and social atmosphere and the people are wonderful. Witt has so many wonderful opportunities available for students and if they take the initiative to get involved they will really enjoy there time here.


Wittenberg is run by the students. The students and administration have close ties, and meet often with student leaders.


Wittenberg is my second home. I say that with complete honesty. This is a small, historical liberal arts school with enough people to feel like college, but not too many to feel overwhelmed. The students support each other in sporting events, community service, and academics. There is an innate beauty when walking through our campus. Academic buildings are open 24 hours and day everyday with computer labs and printers available for student use. If you do not like to study inside, you can sit in the Student Center lawn or in Meyers Hollow. Administration and Professors are always willing to help you whether in their office hours, e-mail, and sometimes by phone. Student work studies are good jobs to have and are very flexible with class times.


When you first come to visit Wittenberg's campus, everyone is always talking about the Wittenberg "family." After just one week of being here, I knew just what they meant!


Wittenberg is just the right size. There are enough people here that you feel like you can meet people and know that you will see them the next day. It has good sports, greek life, and tons of extra curricular activities. The faculty and staff are receptive to the needs of students and the president is very visible to the entire campus.