Wittenberg University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Wittenberg is a very accepting and diverse campus. Any student who wants a prosperous, vitalizing education would succeed greatly here. Wittenberg not only focuses on your education, but your growth as an individual. This campus has already taught me how to have faith in my choices, and to believe in a world of giving and generosity. One person's actions can affect millions, and any individual willing to do good in the world would fit right in at Wittenberg.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who believes that overall communication and critical thinking skills are just as important as specific knowledge in a particular field when it comes to hiring, and who believes that the best way to improve these skills is by taking a wide variety of classes taught by professors who are accessible and helpful.


Someone who is interested in community service and in a very family oriented atmosphere should attend Wittenberg. So far, I have found that all of the upper classmen that I have met have been extremely welcoming and kind. Overall, he Wittenberg student seems to be someone who cares deeply about helping others, preserving the environment, pursuing their passion, and having some fun along the way!


The type of people at Wittenberg are very open-minded, goal-oriented, involved in the campus and community, and have a passion for spreading the WIttenberg light to others all across the globe.


Individuals who attend this school are unique and driven to learn--Wittenberg offers a great liberal arts program, so if you like learning about lots of different topics, this school is for you!


Any kind of person willing to do hard work can attend this school, there is a niche here for everyone. As long as the person has the drive to achieve and is willing to try a few new things, they will fit right in.


Not many people like a small school for various reasons so a person attending Wittenberg needs to enjoy a small campus. Also, the person needs to be open to trying new things and meeting people outside of where they normally would. The people at Wittenberg challenge themselves and try as many new things as possible. A person isn't just an athlete or just a science major. People do community service, play sports, have a job, are on the cabinet, are in many of the different clubs. A person going to Witt needs to try new things.


I white middle class to upper middle class person that enjoy sports or plans on getting involved in Greek life. But they also have to expect hard schoolwork. Having money provided by your parents is the easiest way to go also.


One that is well rounded and likes to be involved in a lot of things. Fraternity and Sorority life is very big, but not necessary, most people play some sort of sport, intramural, varisty or club, and we do like to have fun on the weekends.


The type of person that would get the most out of Wittenberg is one who is open to new experiences. This is the kind of place where students are encouraged to step outside of the academic "treadmill" mentality and take on a new perspective. Being involved in class and also extracurricularly is not the exception, it is the rule. Students here strive to implement their liberal-arts education to be both individually and collectively aware. Wittenberg is full of incredibly curious young adults who work hard, and also understand the importance of community.


Someone who likes a smaller class size and the availibility of professors. Someone who enjoys making new friends and having the option to participate in a wide range of on and off campus activities like sports or community service, also someone who enjoys the snow during winter.


One is that ok with alchohol on campus. Great for science, management, education and east asian studies


The type of person that should attend Wittenberg University should be an ethusiastic, determined, and passionate student. A person going to college should be outgoing and social as well as a good student. You can come from any background, race, or religion and feel comfortable at Wittenberg University.


Someone is studious and academically focused but likes to party also. Non-drinkers/non partiers would probably not enjoy this school, and those that are only focused on partying can easily fail out. Everyone here likes to have a good time but it is also very academically challenging.


A person who is willing to work hard in their studies by seeking extra help from classmates and their profs before they go out and have fun; This school is for people who want to succeed in both studies and their personal social life and extra curriculars.