Wofford College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most students seem to be from well-off families financially, with some of them even having family who are Wofford alumni. There is never a problem between students of different financial status though. You normally find a small group of friends pretty quickly, and stick with them for college, or change up every year if that's not your thing.


Students are Wofford are, in general, impeccably dressed. I won't lie, it is definitely one of those typical southern colleges where the students dress up in dresses, blazers, and ties for football games. However, I just like to call this CLASSY. There are really two kinds of students I think, Greek and not Greek. They are very separated, but only out of interest I think. I am not Greek but I have many friends that are. Also, I don't think that you are defined by what Greek organization you are part of.


The students at Wofford are some of the most close minded, horrible people that I’ve ever met. The racism at this school is out of control. There are confederate flags in most dorm rooms (hung by students). It is a very anti-Semitic environment. The students at Wofford have not been exposed to life outside of the 'Wofford Bubble' that Wofford brags so much about. If you're not from the south, you are not welcome at Wofford. If you are not Christian, you are not welcome at Wofford. If you do not drink, you are not welcome at Wofford. If you are smarter than the 'average' person, you are not welcome at Wofford. If you are open minded, you are not welcome at Wofford. Wofford is an absolutely picturesque place for those who fit in there -- from the south (but only SC, NC, TN, GA), Christian, and borderline alcoholic. If you are not all three of those things, you won't like Wofford. Plain and simple. 'Outsiders' are not welcomed.


There are many types of students at Wofford. It has great diversity. You will always be able to find a social group that is like you. This doesn't mean that groups are isolated from each other. There are so many connections developed between students that all the different groups of friends interact and combine without any problem.


Student body is gaining diversity but is still predominately white.


Wofford has a lot (but not majority) of upper middle class/upper class students, but no one discriminates between anyone else. Money is never a topic of discussion. Wofford has a very diverse community, and we are very open to anyone and everyone. A lot of students are from South Carolina, but if you're out of state, it honestly does not really matter much at all. No one really cares. Wofford students tend to stay up to date on current news and affairs of what is going on outside of our little Wofford bubble. Students are usually politically aware and active. I have never heard anyone talk about how much money they will make in one day...


I know this is going to sound cheesy, but there is really no kind of student that will feel out of place at Wofford, unless they are a compulsive liar. We take our honor code very seriously. But assuming you didn't get through high school on a bunch of stolen assignments, you will find yourself a spot at Wofford. I have never been the sorority girl type, but I found a place where I fit in at Wofford, and have a sorority girl for a roommate. She's wonderful. It really is all about being a family and a community here. I have to say, our dining hall does have a little bit of a separation going on, as the ROTC kids tend to sit together, as do the fraternity brothers and the sports teams, but if you got up and sat down at one of their tables, I don't feel like there would be a problem. People I don't know come and sit at my table all the time on busy days.


It is very easy to find your place at Wofford. During the first month here, there's an interest fair where you can see what types of clubs and organizations are available to you. You figure out pretty quickly where you belong. Pretty much all students at Wofford are extremely nice. Everyone smiles at each other when you pass someone on the sidewalk. All the guys hold the door for the girls, and there are always random acts of kindness occurring!


The groups on campus generally don't bother people, but there is huge segregation amongst the white sorority ad fraternity students and the black/ethnic students. Most of the students come from serious money, and show their wealth in brand labels, expensive cars, and attitude.


There are a lot of preppy, Southern white people here, and we could use some more color and diversity as far as hometowns and home life. However, students of all ethnicities and statuses seem to interact well, in my experience.


Everyone interacts with each other. For instance, fraternities and sororities interact with other greek organizations and with other students. Athletes regularly interact and hang around others who are not on their team. In this way you get to know everyone no matter what their interests are and you broaden your horizons on the different aspects of social life. Most students wear "fratty" clothes to class. Polo's and Kakhis are a common sight everywhere. Most are financially very rich with only a small portion studying on full scholarship.


My classmates are well-educated, diverse, and very individualistic.


They are dedicated, not only to their school work, but to taking the myraid of oppurtunites presented to them to improve their minds, spirit, and character, while also taking time to form close relationahips with their teachers and classmates.


As stated in the stereotypes above, Wofford is known for being a very southern, conservative school and the student body does reflect that. With more that 50% of the student body being from South Carolina the student body is enriched with South Carolina culture. Being from Tennessee myself I have embraced my new home and love everything about it. I would describe the student body as intelligent, considerate, and friendly. As Wofford students we can be complete nerds and talk for hours about our majors or an interesting debate in class, I love that I can have an intellectual conversation with anyone you meet. I love when you meet someone on the sidewalk and ask how you are doing they genuinely care how you are. There are a number of wealthy students at Wofford, however, I feel as though the majority of students are on some amount of scholarship and do value their education. There are people from all walks of life. I believe everyone is welcome and finds their place on campus.


They are mostly focused towards doing well.


be careful about what school you choose. Financial aid is important as well. Go to a college where you have many options in choosing majors and careers