Wofford College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Wofford College is best known for its rigorous academics. Commonly known as the "Harvard of the South", Wofford teachers challenge their students in every possible aspect of their learning experience. From working on group projects to participating in hands-on activities, each class time is filled with daunting tasks and new knowledge to be learned.


My school is best known for being liberally strong and academically driven.


Being a very prestigious, private college that produces a large amount of doctors and lawyers. Also, Wofford is known for the "Wofford Connection;" Wofford possesses one of the best networks of alumni.


The school is known to have a very stong biology, history, and government programs. After graduation, Wofford graduates have a high acceptance rate into medical and graduate schools. The Interim period during the month of January is something special Wofford offers that lets students study abroad or just take one class that they normally would not. Some of these classes include working at a dog pound, learning how to knit, and studying graphic novels.


The students at Wofford like to call our school the "Harvard of the South." The school's academics are very strong. Classes are challenging and informative. They make the student think and apply the knowledge the learned in the classroom to their lives. The professors actually care about their students and are willing to help anyone who asks. Wofford College possesses high academic goals for its students and the students rise to meet and surpass those goals expected of them.


Southern people and great football


Having a great greek system. Wofford boasts a campus that is almost 60% greek. Additionaly Wofford is known for having great connections in the job market. Wofford students tend to do very, very well in life.


pre-med, law, greek life