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The only thing I wish there were more of is diversity. Among freshmen in particular, the students are trying so hard to fit in at this new environment, so they all just do whatever, get drunk all the time, even days before or the night before an exam. It's pretty stupid. But that will be found at every school.


Wofford college is a complete and total lie. The campus is beautiful, and it's almost impossible to turn down what the school offers, but once you get here, it's completely different. Shockingly so. If I were to write a book exposing Wofford College, there would be lawsuits all over the place. And believe me, I've documented the past three years VERY well. I could easily do so, and bring this entire place crashing down. Wofford is a ticking time bomb. Wofford lets rapists walk free because they are athletes, and fails to deliver on literally every single 'promise' made when students are applying to the school. It's sickening.


Wofford is an amazing choice, come visit our beautiful campus and see!


I applied to seventeen colleges and universities. I love it here so much, that I can't have seen myself going anywhere else.


Wofford is really tough academically. However, somehow the fun outweighs the work...this is just something that nobody can really explain, you just have to figure it out for yourself. It really is the best school in the world! :)


Wofford is unique because everyone knows everyone else, but it's so easy to have friends in many different groups. There's every type of person on campus, and most people are excited to meet new people and get to know those who they may not know already. Of course... they probably recognize every face on campus..