Wofford College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


One hundred percent. When I first visited, and to this day, people will randomly say hello and smile at you, whether they know you or not. They are also polite and willing to help each other through any kind of situation, and all of the people here who have found their areas of study are in love with them. And of course we hate Furman. We have a joke on campus that you can't say the f-word here, and that word is Furman.


Not everyone is rich, but a lot of people are. Same goes for Greek life.


Not at all. The students are very ignorant for the most part -- closed minded, and have not been exposed to a lot. The school projects a wealthy image, but most students are relying heavily on financial aid. Education levels are 'high' because the schools that students are coming from were very poor, so of course these kids would be at the tops of their classes. The amount of racism, ignorance, and overall cruelty that the students project is astounding. The students are not at all what they seem. It's all a big front. Very stepford wives like.


Not really. Sure, there are a lot of rich kids here. Sure, there are a lot of smart people here. But in comparison to other schools, the students really aren't preppy at all. I know plenty of people who are dirt poor and go to Wofford, and I know a few people who have terribly SAT scores and high school GPAs. There are many different kinds of people here... there isn't one stereotype that can encompass them all.


For the most part, the students here are extremely smart and rightly so due to the rigorous academics, most of the greek life includes rich kids, and many students if not all travel abroad either during the semester or interim.


No, though a large portion of the student body is quite wealthy, that is to be expected because it is a private school, however, most everyone I know has some sort of scholarship. No one here flaunts their money like we are expected to. About the partying, yes, we do throw down really hard on the weekends, but when Monday rolls around, I guarantee everyone is serious and working extremely hard. Wofford gives you the type of education you cannot get anywhere else. To be able to work one on one with my professors is an amazing experience. All of the faculty at Wofford are extremely qualified (some over-qualified). The majority of Wofford graduates go onto a graduate school of some sort, and they tend to be some of the best.


They are kind of accurate. I wouldn't say that the majority of the students are incredibly wealthy or anything, especially to the point of being snobby. The same goes for the preppy aspect. People here dress nicely and employ what I would call a Southern prep style, but no one is snobby about fashion and I know quite a few people who are not anything close to preppy.


This is not true! Many students are like this, but many are not as well. There are all types of people at Wofford, and it is not difficult to find your place in the Wofford family.


For the most part the stereotypes are correct. If you are white, thin, social, and popular you will fit in at wofford.


They're pretty accurate, but there are quite a few exceptions.




They are fairly accurate but there are still plenty of students at Wofford that do not fit the stereotype.


To some extent the stereotype is accurate. The student body is compiled of preppy and intelligent students. We are know for wearing dresses and pearls or shirt and tie to football games, however, the Wofford campus is diverse and anytype of personality is accepted. It is good to consider the fact that Wofford is one of the most conservative schools in the South.