Wofford College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


One thing I never expected was to spend a ton of time with my professors outside of class. I've been to their houses for dinners at the end of semesters, and gone to the local Chinese buffet with my Chinese class and my professor's family. It's a relaxed environment, and you aren't treated like a child.


The classes at Wofford are NOT easy. I spend most of my time doing schoolwork. However, the workload is not too much and the professors are ALWAYS willing to meet with you and help you out. I have even had professors whose class I have not taken help me out. My economics professors in particular have helped me out a lot, since that is my major. They have written me excellent letters of recommendation, spoken on my behalf to administration members and professionals in the field, and geniunely concerned themselves with my progress and interest in economics. Thus I have found that the professors at Wofford are truly interested in helping me learn and grow as a student, as a community member, and as a global citizen.


Wofford brags about small classroom sizes, and the fact that professors know names. This is not true... after six weeks at Wofford, in a class of only nineteen, a professor did not know my name. The professors are not as accessible as the school makes them out to be (the school will say that teachers give out their numbers, will invite students to dinner, etc... i have yet to meet a student here who has experienced that with a professor). The professors are unwilling to help, and are incredibly difficult to deal with when it comes to outstanding situations (like illnesses not allowing you to get to class). The professors are arrogant, and believe that they are the absolute best in their field, with no room for error. They are just as ignorant as the students. Most of the professors have no place teaching at the college level.


Professors are unbelievable. They love to be asked questions, and every professor that I have heard of loves to sit down and meet with any student having trouble. The students are very competitive, and academics always come first no matter who you are talking to. The education at Wofford is second to none.


Academic life is very rigorous but focused on producing well rounded graduates that succeed in life.


Every single one of my professors knows my name. I am not just some number, I am a person. So far, I have only had one professor who I did not particularly care for, everyone else has been fabulous. I have yet to experience a boring class. Students here are very competitive. A large number of students double-major or at least have a minor as well as a major and concentration. Our professors expect nothing but the best. They challenge us everyday.


All of my professors know my name, and have since the second day of class. My favorite class is chinese, although I am also completing the pre med track here as well, and all of those classes are great too. The chinese department is wonderful. They are devoted to making sure you walk away with a mastery of the language. We do have a lot of outside of class activities and even competitions. The nice thing about Wofford is, though, that it's impossible to lock yourself away in your major and never meet anyone else. You have to take science, math, humanities, and language courses, no matter what your major is, and it leads you to know even more of your class.


The professors at Wofford are the greatest! They know me personally and genuinely care about me. I have yet to have a bad professor at this school. My first semester I took Psychology 150 with Dr. Lefebvre and he pretty much rocked my world! He's AMAZING! Everyone should take a class with him before graduating!


The professors know my name and are very cordial. My favorite class was my dance class. Students study on average for an hour or two a day.


Most professors will remember your name; largely, because the class sizes are small and just about perfect. Everyone's on a higher level of intelligence than in most high schools, but there's still a wide spectrum from the average to the super smart. There are are probably more students that like to drink than study.


Excellent academics. Most classes at wofford are difficult but the teachers are more than willing to help you if you go to their office and ask. Students are extremely competitive even though most of them do not outwardly show it. Wofford academics help the student to succeed in the job market as well with excellent help from career services.


Wofford is known for being an academically challenging school. We are grouped with some of the finest schools in the South including Vanderbilt, Davidson, Wake Forest, and Furman. This year the Princeton review ranked Wofford as the best school in South Carolina. The advantage of going to a small, liberal arts school is that in order to graduate you are required to take a variety of classes which enables you to be sure of your major choice. Statistically at Wofford you are going to graduate in 4 years (It could take 5 years if you triple major and go abroad twice). Another great thing about a Wofford education is that Wofford only has an under-graduate program, which means the professor are focused on teaching and all classes are taught by professors, no graduate assistants. The professors are very accessible; in fact I have had dinner at my government professor’s house numerous times. Classes are small averaging about 20 students, so you have an opportunity to get to know you professor and classmates. Wofford is known for its pre-professional programs and is ranked very well for its Pre-Professional programs (Pre-Med, Pre-Law etc.). A good number of students continue their education at some of the top grad schools in the country.