Wofford College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular group on campus is Greek life. About fifty percent of the student body is involved, and most people party at the row. It's kind of unfortunate, but there are other things to do on campus, like watch movies or see speakers or bands. A fun tradition with Greek life, though, is boy's bid day, where everyone goes to the row and gets gross in mud pits, then runs across campus to swim in the fountain. It's a blast.


Social life at Wofford is very active. There is something going on almost every day. Wofford is truly involved in the community and is very representative of all religious and social groups. I also feel like it is a very open and trusting community to be a part of. I know that personally, I have no problem leaving my door open or leaving my laptop on a table in the study halls.


If you don't drink, don't come to Wofford College. That should be the first thing that is said on the tours of the school. Social life is 110 percent centered around drinking. If you don't drink, you're an outcast at Wofford. Saying no to a beer (served freely to minors at every frat party, every single friday and saturday night), is like slapping someone in the face. And don't even think about even rushing a sorority/fraternity if you don't drink. As for drugs, there's a large use of non-prescribed pill usage on campus (vicodin, xanax, adderall, etc). The main parties happen on weekends, at The Row (where, again, MINORS ARE SERVED ALCOHOL, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT. AT EVERY SINGLE FRATERNITY HOUSE PARTY). But, that being said, students also 'party' in their rooms. And by party, I mean drink with small groups of people. The drinking on this campus is out of control. The rule is that RAs can't check drawers or fridges, so obviously they're stocked with beer, four loko, and various kinds of hard liquor. Students drink in their rooms, by themselves. It's unsafe, and quite frankly, very very sad. The greek system at Wofford is a huge part of the culture, and a negative one at that (alcohol and drugs are frequently provided to minors. date rape often occurs during parties -- all of this is swept under the rug, of course). The greek system is accepting of their own, and nothing outside of that. If you're looking to be discriminated against based on religion, race, sexual orientation, hometown and body type, then greek life is certainly the thing for you!!!!! The Wofford social scene is an extremely dangerous one, with kids binge drinking and almost overdosing every single weekend. But doing those things goes against the honor code, so Wofford sweeps it under the rug. It's only a matter of time before someone DIES and Wofford is SUED, based on the way that things are being run at Wofford College. It's SHOCKING that it hasn't happened yet. The school is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Academics come first at Wofford, but this does not mean that there are no parties. The most surprising thing to me from my first semester at Wofford is that there is a party literally every night of the week. Fraternities and sororities are very important to develop connections, but they are not essential. This is where the majority of parties take place, but these are almost always open to anyone.


Greek life is huge here.


We have so many clubs and organizations, it's awesome!!! I promise that there at least one club that is right for you. I personally enjoy being Greek the most because of all of the people I meet and bonds I form with my sisters. A lot of people leave their doors open, so anyone walking down the hall and just come on in and visit. I find myself having so much fun with my friends just doing random things in our rooms, that I lose track of time. Our athletic events are fantastic. The entire community gets together to support our terriers. We have done very well in sports this year, our football team was actually Southern Conference champions, and our basketball team went to the NCAA tournament last year, and they're doing well this season too. I wrote a lot about our party scene in a previous section.


Greek life is a big deal here, as about fifty percent of the students here are involved, but it is easy to spend time with those students and go to functions even if you aren't involved yourself. The Row is where the fraternities party on the weekends, and as long as you behave yourself in a reasonable manner, you're welcome there. There are, on the other hand, a ton of NON greek activities that take place, such as pizza parties, dances, movie showings, game nights, and a whole array of clubs, that are sponsored by the school and therefore open to everyone, no matter how they feel about greek life.


The Wofford Activities Council plans all kinds of neat activities for students. We have concerts frequently. Parties do happen every weekend, but it's not something that everyone does. There's no pressure to go out and party. Sometimes it feels good to just stay in with friends and watch a movie. Spartanburg also has some fun things to do....or at least some pretty amazing restaurants to visit! Everyone around town loves Wofford students!!


The most popular of any organizations on campus is the Greek System. Fraternitys and sororities rule the school literally. If you are not a member of greek life you are very left out of the social loop. Nobody dates at wofford, mostly everyone just flirts and hooks up. People party every weekend on campus because there is nothing else to do in this town.


Most people go to the (fraternity) Row on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes the frats have bands, and there's often a good bit of drinking going on. Greek life is really big here.


Most popular organizations are Student Government, Greek life, intramurals, and athletics. People party almost every weekend with the fraternity row bustling with mostly drunk people who cant stand up on friday nights. Saturday nights are usually a little more relaxed and most do homework on the mornings. Sunday is a time for slackers to catch up on homework and you see many studying late into the night.


Greek life is the most prevalent organization on campus. This year the Princton Review ranked Wofford's Greek life as the top Greek program in the nation. Being an active member of Wofford's Greek life myself, I felt honored to be a part of such a great program. Most people assume Greek life is all about parties, but I have come to learn it is much more than that at Wofford. Campus is nearly 65% Greek and most of the other prominent organizations are run by elected Greeks. The Campus Union President is Greek as is the W.A.C. (Wofford Activities Council, the Social Committee of Campus Union) President and two of the Wofford Ambassador Coordinators. Being Greek at Wofford is bigger than parties, its establishing life-long friends, while learning leadership and communication skills. If being Greek is not an intrest of yours, however there are plenty of other groups to get involved in. There are way too many for me to list, so if you want a full list check of Wofford's webpage at www.wofford.edu. Wofford has introduced me to so many facinating new people. Campus is very safe and most people leave their dorm rooms open. There are always events planned on Campus so you never run out of things to do.