Wofford College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about what was an was not offered. There are a multitude of interesting classes, but their music program is weak.


I wish I had known just how challenging classes at Wofford would be. You defintely have to stay on top of assignements. Students begin study for tests and quizzes at least a week in advance. Most professors are more than willing to help you during their office hours, but make sure you are not asking about something they went over in class and you just did not pay attention to. I also wish I had known that weekends can be pretty dead on campus if you are not into the party scene.


That adjusting to college is hard so study more than you think you need to


Wofford students are so helpful and it's so easy to make friends, that I really don't think anyone needs much information before applying! I didn't know anything about the school. and it's worked out perfect for me! Make sure you go out and extend your comfort zone and meet people as soon as you arrive on campus!


The social scene revolves around the frats. Guys don't have to be in one, and girls don't have to be in a sorority but this is where most people go to hang out.