Wofford College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best education you can get! The professors genuinely care about the students and want you to learn as much as possible.


The best part of Wofford College is the atmosphere in which its students, faculty, and staff thrive. Everyone on campus has an outgoing personality and greets you with a smile and friendly hello as they walk towards their next destination. There is no need to be intimidated by the upperclassmen on campus either; they simply are older and wiser and always willing to answer any questions. This atmosphere is what makes Wofford a home for many of its students.


The best thing about Wofford College is how personal everything is. The instructors care about their students as individuals with different learning styles and speeds of comprehension. The professors at Wofford are there to teach undergraduate students, not to do research. "Personal" also describes other areas of Wofford life. The lunch ladies know every student by name, campus safety officers wave to you, and having dinner at a professor's house is common. The faculty and staff at Wofford are passionate about helping students to succeed, and the effects of their efforts are visable on the close-knit student body


The professors at Wofford really care about whether or not you are absorbing the information they give you. The professors engage students in the lectures and discusssions. The classes are so small that it is impossible to just melt into the background. The professor will know you by name by the end of the semester, especially if you do your part and do the work that is asked.


The best thing about Wofford is the small classroom size. It gives one the ability to have a personal relationship with one's professors and makes for better learning.


The great community feeling.