Woodbury University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Woodbury is known for its small class sizes and personalized learning environment. The small class sizes provide a specialized setting where students aren't afraid to grow and be creative in the classroom. The university is also known for its uniquely designed programs like Architecture and Interdisciplinary Studies.


This is school is best know for its architecture and fashion department.


Woodbury University is best known for Architecture. There is also another campus located in San Diego dedicated to just architecture. Many of my friends that are in architecture say that it is really tough, but that is what they enjoy about their major.


Their design catagories such as architecture, interior architecture, animation and graphic design. Also the school size and intimacy of it all.




It's great comunication with people who can help us in the industry we are looking into. It is also known for it's hard work and the people who attend here are very talented and have passion for what they do. It is also known for one of the high ranks architectual schools.


Fashion Design, Digital Design, Architechture