Woodbury University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Woodbury University?


I attend the smaller campus of Woodbury located in San Diego. Due to this the campus is small, thus the student population is lower than the main campus located in Burbank. The best part about a small college community is that you get to know almost everyone. Thus creating connections with one another and having a higher chance of finding someone capable of helping you out if you're stuck on a problem.


small class interactive academic setting research focused campus just the right size classes are fun


Greek life.


I brag about two things when I talk about Woodbury University: the teachers and class size. The teachers are great and take a wholistic approach to teaching. They understand that eveyones learns differently and take the time to appeal to all learning styles while making the class informative. At Woodbury you are treated like a person not a number which brings me to my secong point- class size. Class sizes are small allowing for individual attention and forces collaboration and a team environment. You get to know your classmates and teacher which is transformational.


I brag to my friends about the college rank and job placement assistance upon graduation.


the instructors, the courses, subject, thesis undergrad projects, the events, the graduate school acceptance level to Harvard..


the small class sizes, the level of education needed to go there.


I tend to brag about the small classroom sizes and the individual attention my peers and I receive. I love to mention that it doesn't take me anymore than six minutes to get to class even when it is across campus. Woodbury is a very small and united community which makes my college experience a lot more comfortable because it feels like im with family in and outside of the classroom.