Woodbury University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Woodbury University?


open mind ready share opinions some one who does not party a lot who likes a quiet campus with not a lot of people who does not like sports A person who wants to be a designer


Anyone can attend this school. Woodbury is very understanding when it comes to financial difficulties, academic problems, or any problem in general. Woodbury University is very respected by the students, faculty, and staff. I have never seen such a bond that the professors have with the students. Woodbury is a great example of how a community should be. I have met amazing people that I respect so much, and everyone gets along with eachother so well. There is just no other way to describe Woodbury University than wonderful.


Anyone with a passion to change the world through cultural unification and art.


Someone who enjoys a heavy work load and a small, intimate work environment.


One who is interested in Architecture and a small school.


anyone who is optimistic and willing to learn.


A person that is looking for a one-on-one type of experience with their teachers.