Woodbury University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could revisit myself in high school to offer advise, I would advise him to not change any decision he had made. He will have a journey that tests endurance and ambition. Attending a college in the mid-west and taking initiative to transfer back to California. I will say that as life gets complicated, he should pursue a life of simplicity. To pursue needs instead of wants. Architecture is not cheap. Architecture will be grusome; sleepless nights, loads of work, and endless possibilities to design. There will be hardships but it will get balanced because he will encounter others who share the same devotion to further push themselves. As final advise to myself I would say, " Life is full of surprises and challenges, it should not be easy because then where is the excitement of overcoming the difficulties of life? My advise should not guide you one way because there is never one way. You will encounter this dilemma in design and you should approach life in college the same way. Life is about experimenting and expanding indefinitely. One thing is for sure, do not lose your ambitious work ethic."


If I could go back in time to talk to my past self, I'd tell myself to take those career tests then follow through with research on what majors would work for me. I graduated high school with a mind full of mixed thoughts and goals. At first, I had my eyes set straight towards engineering then art then architecture. I kept switching around till I wasted valuable years in college. It's important for my past self to know that the best thing to do before graduating high school is to determine what career I want and to stick towards it. That the career chosen is something I want personally, and not something chosen due to peer pressure or what my parents want. I need to pick a career that I know I would enjoy in the long run. Also, I would highly recommend my high school self to be more activite in communities since it would have made me more vocal and less shy to what I am right now.


I would tell my 18 year old self that all though I believed I had my life, my career, my future all figured out I in fact had nothing figured out. I would tell myself that my career as a Workers' Compensation Insurance Examiner would last 12 years, and in that 12 years I would have three daughters, my first daughter at age 27 and identical twins at age 30. Though my career in the insurance industry was lucrative the stress of working 70 hour weeks would prove to be too stressful while trying to raise children and ultimately I would leave my career to become a stay at home mother. The transition from career woman to stay at home mother was not the easiest adjustment but it was worth it, that is until my children's father left us and I found myself at age 35 with no job and no degree. For a year I worked any job I could find, all of them being temporary. Realizing the only chance I have to make a good living is if I obtained a degree and at age 36 I started going back to school.


Make the practice of doing Homeworks on time, sticking to the schedule according to the teachers. Stay very organized. In college, they like to stick to the syllabus. Practice breaking huge reading assignments in to halves and quarter sizes. You'll have research papers break them into outlines, bibliographies. Stay Organized. College is not that big of a deal if we learn to stick to the syllabus and do what the instructor asks us. If we follow their guidelines, answer their questions and ask ours through good communication (EMAIL ACCOUNT is IMPORTANT!) and a good laptop and network connection. Then all is fine. The real challenge is lot of work in a certain amount of time with less classes than highschool. I wish people did not scare me about colleges. But yes, you have to be consistent and proactive and take responsibilty for your work. Last keyword would be research behind every idea you have. Because that will support your presentations in class.


Aly, I know you are extremely ready to graduate, leave home and go off to school five hundred mile away from your family, but slow down a little. Be less anxious and cherish the moments you have left of high school and with your family. I know you want to grow up and start again in a new place with new friends. Be a little more thoughtful and take care in choosing your major and think about the things you enjoy doing. Remember, just because you’re recreating who you are, don’t lose yourself in the process. You are only seventeen and in my opinion now, over three years later, you are not ready to leave home. You will grow and make a lot of mistakes and learn who you don’t want to be. You might even become that person for a while. Remember that you are smart and have the ability to make decisions for yourself. It sounds cliché, but try as hard as possible not to give in to peer pressure. Mom was right, it’s mostly bad. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and keep doing what you love.


I would advise myself to not live on campus because there were to many distractions. As well as telling myslef to be aware of what I do. Participate in campus activities earlier. Get more informatioin about the financial aid that was given to me. Explore the surrounding areas of the school.


Discover what you are passionate about and let that guide your decision regarding choosing a major, school to attend and where. To accomplish this do some soul searching- think about the thing(s) that make you happiest things you would do for free because you enjoy doing it. Next look for schools that have a degree program in line with your passion (the best schools are not always the most prestiges) and has a reputation for growing students in that program. Once you have narrowed down schools further conisder those located in an area best suited for your field of interest. Meaning locations where your industry is thriving and can provide a plethora of internships and job opportunities. In short, chase your passion not the money and you'll be fine.


In high school you are about to enter the hardest part of the beginning of your life. To make this process easier is to do your best in high school. Doing your class work, homework, and participating in your community would be your only worries at the moment. These tasks will make a detrimental impact on your future. Completing your school work, enables others to believe that you have qualities that are worth investing in, therefore, colleges do so. In what way? Money. Money will become a huge factor to your independence. In order for you to be free of debt, parents, and worries you will need money. Money will have to come from a source such as a job. This will create a split in your concentration between work and school, and there in lies a problem. These problems grow larger but to avoid all, is to do your school work. Then and only then will you successfully complete your college education in a timely manner and avoid being in school for as long as I have, eleven years after high school graduation.


The effect to be independent now , is one of the most valuable experiences in my life . It been helping me to understand and believe than everything is posible as long as you fight for it and never let your goals become an imposible dream. I believe this part of my life ''my independence'' has been helping me and convert me in a stronger person with the posibility of superate any obstacles in my life . College is the reason of why i understand and valorate how important is the education in life. Another experience for me was de effect of been study in a different country and using a different lenguaje. Because i believe it be always one of the most hardest but not imposible obstacules in my life . Cuse is been an it will be one of the most important experience since i atending college.


I have learned what it is like to work hard and what it is like to work toward a goal. Going to Woodbury is valuable to me because the program I am in has taught me how to be dedicated to my schoolwork and try my hardest in every aspect of it, because it all counts and is important in the long run.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is unexplainable. Not only has Woodbury University shown me the value in time management, networking, and managing money, but so much more. Education is really important for me, so attending a four-year university as a freshman, it feels that I am one step closer to reaching my Masters in Business Management. I have gained so many friends that have been nothing but supportive and friendly. College has definitely opened my eyes to be more open minded and studious. Joining clubs on campus was another way to enjoy my experience as a freshman even more. I'm currently in a sorority. The minute I joined, it changed my life. I have never been so social and outgoing like I am now. I've always been the very shy type of person, but I'm not anymore and it was all because of my experience in college and in the sorority. It is definitely a chapter in my life that I will never forget.


My college experience at Woodbury has been valuable. I don't know if it is because of my major (architecture), or because the school population is very small, but in just one semester, I feel I have a second family. All of the architecture students trully do work together to support one another. I have spent nights at school working on final projects, and my fellow classmates have been more than happy to help me if I am having trouble; even if it is 4 in the morning. It is amazing to see that although we are all in a hurry to finish projects and get our work done, we never say no to help another who is having trouble. I believe that is what separates Woodbury University from other Universities.


Coming to the US is the best thing that has happened to me in my adult life. Even though I love my country –Bulgaria, I am proud and honored to be an American citizen and live the American dream. I was born and raised in Rouse, Bulgaria during communist times. I graduated from School of European languages in my home town. I graduated with French and regardless my great grades, I was forced to work as a waitress for a few years, because the employment opportunities for young people were very limited in Bulgaria at that time and the pay was less than adequate. I’ve always wanted to continue my education and have a career, but this dream of mine only became an achievable goal for me when I met my husband and moved to the US in 2002. I recently graduated from the Radiography program in FTCC and have a 3.8 GPA. I’m always striving for excellence and I’m determined to graduate from college, make a better life for me and my family and be a respected member of the society. I would be grateful and honored if I’m been considered for this scholarship.


I loved college when I attended after Hight School. I have not attended since 1980. I'm a little nervous about going back, but it's necessary for my profession. I have grown children who have also attended college and they are quite proud of me going back. I have co-signed for both of my childrens student loans, this is going to make it difficult for loans for me. My husband and I own a small business as well as I work full time in a hospital setting. I learned many social things as well when I lived on campus. I am also a grandmother of 3 with another due in December and my grandchildren are also quite supportive of me going back to school. I have become quite a role model for my family. It's quite exhilerating!!! Thank you for your consideration.


What I have gotten out of my college experience and why it is so valuable to me—is simple, "I’m a first generation college student." Although my mother and father held steady jobs when I was young, it was not enough to keep us out of the lowest income bracket. That is why going back to college means so much to me. Going back to college means much more than getting good grades, it’s my way of giving back to the whole community of people who have helped me on the road to acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and above all understanding. What I have gotten out of my college experience has helped me reach new heights that I was not aware of before attending college. My siblings and relatives are much more proud of me than I ever imagined. I love seeing my family’s pride when I mention my continuing my graduate studies; it is my passion to strive and achieve success, all these things connected together makes earning a graduate degree highly valuable to me.


So far my college experience has really helped me transition back into American life. I spent the year after high school abroad in Germany doong school, work and an internship. So being able to come back and be with people in my age group with the same interests has been invaluable. I also love how it really is so much different from high school, and how the level of learning is more advanced. I love learning, and will hopefully continue for the rest of my life. I also find the connections i have made here invaluable. We have such a broad student base, with representatives from dozens of states and even more countries, which makes this a wonderful place to be. I have also found that living on my own how much i need to rely on myself and only myself. I have to cook and clean and work for my rent just so i can contine going to school. And before this i had never really needed to do all these things, and now im smack dab right in the middle of life. In the last month i have already felt myself become more responsible, and self sustaining.


During the time I have attended college thus far, I have learned that dedication determination, desire are the keys to success, no matter what challenges you are presented with. Throughout my years in school, I have experienced many challenges and tribulations, both personal and environmental; however, I have ascertained that through perseverance and hard work anything is achievable. Despite the fact that that I have had to endure numerous conflicts to continue attending college, I feel that because of this I have grown morally, ethically as well as personally. When I feel that I have reached my limits and begin to become overwhelmed with situations I am confronted with, I remember the words of Vince Lombardi, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will”.


I have learned a lot, not just academically but also socially. I have learned about different aspecs that have to do with the "real" world that will benefit me in the future. Overall, I think that this college is giving me the knowledge academically and for my personal attitude to become someone very succesful in the future.


The first day of college I was nervous just like every other student. The structure of Woodbury University is constructed in a way to help students help eachother. In the four years that I have attended here the students have grown into a small family because we have spent so much time together. The universities group projects in studio classes as well as lecture classes allowed students to become closer together which has made all the hard work feel so much easier. The studio aspect of Woodbury University has helped me grow many memories of professors as well as students. The studio classes is what makes Woodbury and other similar institutions so valuable to attend and it is also a great way to network for future references. The proffesors are also so involved with the students that they take time out of their own schedule to help students become more succsessful in their passion. All these opportunities at Woodbury has made my college experience worthwhile and meaningful as well as influencal.


My school is in another state from my hometown, where I have grown all my life. I remember as a high school senior, wondering about college life in another state and how hard it would be to get used to a whole new lifestyle. The number one thing I would tell my past self, is to not be so afraid. Woodbury University is a small college with very nice people who help the students in any way possible, making the transition easier. Not only the staff, but fellow students are very welcoming and nice to you. Even though there are many students who come from other countries as well, they speak to you wanting to know your culture and will help you understand their own. Getting into a college in another state is hard, but Woodbury University makes it even easier to make the transition and get used to your college life for the rest of the time that you are at the college.


Unlike many college students, my senior year did not project any college plans. I was what many would consider to be a "good student" academically; however I did not excel in mathematics or the sciences like most of the college prospective students at my school. I did not feel confident or enthused about the career options that my school has suggested for me. The semester following my high school graduation I began working and attending a community college. Still without much ambition I knocked out my GE classes one by one. Slowly I became more confident and determined to pursue a career that no teacher in high school had mentioned? business. Today, I have found a passion for business and it is something that I excel in. If I could go back to the seventeen year old artsy senior I would say "you are right, math and biology are not for you but there is something that I promise you will love, keep going." Being the person that I am I would not tell the seventeen year old me what it was that I would grow to love; I would make "her" find out the exact same way I did.


When thinking of the noun "college", parties, beer, boring professors and loads of homework may cross your mind. It may induce excitement and it may bring about fear to your thought of college. Whatever thought college may bring to you, put it aside and place your focus on your heart. When choosing a university, make sure you identify your passion and interests for that is what will aid in your degree choice thus, college choice. and ultimately success. Don't be fearful about what others may think about your passion because happiness and success is key to really experiencing the warmth in life and bringing positivity to the world.


Focus on your family because your focus defines your interests to both the people closest and furthest from you - the grades and eventual job will come soon enough. As far as the school work goes... DO NOT be afraid to explore different possibilities and solutions to problems. Understand that school is a stepping stone, not an "end all mean all" finale to life (sometimes that is hard to see, but the more it is understood the better the overall quality of school will be). Heed these words me of the past!


Marine, be smart about the decision you are about to make. Being accepted to multiple 4-year universities is a great accomplishment, but take your time and decide what is right for you, not what you SHOULD do in consideration of family, income, career goals, age, and so on. Pick a school that you will be happy attending, if you want to study abroad, embrace the opportunity! If you want to move away and attend a college far from home, do it! A Business Major is a great place to start but don't limit yourself to the typical finance and management concentrations. You love to travel so focus on International Business or apply your creativity and study Marketing! Last but not least, remember, completing the first 2 years of general education courses at a community college is not an emberassment. Yes, you did graduate high school with honors and vowed to never step foot in a community college regardless of the savings. But think twice, you could use the money you save by attending a community college towards building the business of your dreams. Be a little selfish just this once and do what is right for YOU!


If i could go back as a senior in highschool, i would tell myself a lot of things about college life. First, it would be to be more focused and try to take more advance placement classes and study hard to pass the tsts in order to not have todeal with so many GED classes in college. Also, while being in high school, take classes at a community classes during the school year and the summer before college and have them transferred that way i save money and get through my GED's faster. This also would help me taking other fun classes and get my major courses done sooner. Another thing i would tell myself is to have been more involved at school, that would have probably helped my college applcation tto my first choice school. im still happy to attend Woodbury but it ould have been a nice feeling to be accepted to my first choice school. The last thing i would tell myself would be to not pocrazinate. These words of advice would have helped me more throughout my senior year.


Research and visit for couple of days, experiance the school and meet the teachers.


Look for a school that provides a safe maturing environment, that is open to all sort of ideas.


Sometimes it isnt enough to give word of mouth advice and recommendations to schools because for some people a university can be great but for others it might not. I believe that is is important to do your own research based on your needs and requirements to find the best school suited for you. That may include visiting the school to get a better idea of what it might be like to be a student in that school. I know that when I first came to visit the school I was impressed on how intimate the school felt and how friendly everyone is. It almost felt like a small community of friends. The location was beautiful and im glad I chose this school.


Parents it is a waste of money to hire someone to help your kid find a college and or file out FASFA, there are many wed sites that are for free and government ran to help. Parents if your child is able to go to college then it is ok for them to find and fall in love with a college they pick, for it is them who are going to be attending, and not you. Students fall your heart and pick a college that reflex your study habits and values. Do not let your parents pick one for you, sure they can help but ultimately it?s you who is going to attend. Break out from your shell and get out there meet new people, net working early helps a lot down the road.


School is the place where all issues that trouble the world and one in theri life is discussed and assessed and played. That is why there is no right or wrong. Wherever you go, life could be taken more seriously in a fashion that encloses the rest of the thinking light scopes, which eliminates the fun and experimental experience of education. However, I found myself at Woodbury University able to bring up all topics and express myself, as well as being open and yet part of the global and local concerns, that is a priceless pleasure that will keep me appreciative to this campus and its boards with what it had to offer.


I think the students have to first love what they want to be and have passion about it. Before they pick their college or uiversity, they have to ask the students that have already done or in the school. They should not just to their websites and decide. They have to check the school's competitions that they had been. The school's environment is also very important that they need to check into.


When I first came to the United States going to college was just a dream. I didn?t know where to start and what to do. I though my language difficulty was going to be a huge obstacle to my success. However, it played to my favor since early on in my journey I found out that there is a great resource for those people who want to learn: the amazing faculty members in my community college. They encouraged me to start building my dream towards furthering my education in a four year college. I talked to the faculty members of numerous colleges and finally chose Woodbury University, whose faculty members where the most enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable people whom I met. In this college great faculty members are accompanied by diverse group of students who create a great campus life. I am extremely happy with my college choice and am willing to share the secret to my happiness for those who are in the first steps of this amazing journey: find your passion, base your choice upon the faculty members and choose a college whose faculty members and students are as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as those in Woodbury University.


Students need to narrow down the list of school they want to attend and try to visit as many campuses as they can over summer brake. That way the parent and the student are well informed about the school and the surroundings.


Go visit the colleges you want to go to.


follow your heart and be proud of what you become in the future.


I feel that the faculty of a university truly make or break thea student's scholasic experience. When visiting colleges, look to see if the faculty is happy with their job and are engaged with their students. Happy professors mean happy students. The single best way to learn about a campus is by talking with the students. Try to get a tour of the campus on a day that class is in session and chat with some students from your major if interest without any faculty present. Ask for their views of the faculty, their program, dorms, social atctivities, resourses off and on campus, and anything else that comes into your head. The faculty and admissions staff will paint you a pretty picture of the campus, but the students are where you can get the real dirt, and besides, you'll be in their similar situation soon. Make sure it's one that you want to live with for the next four years! Good luck!


For the students, it's ok to not know exactly what you want to be in life. College help me figure out who I am and it does not matter how long it takes. Parents always support your children, even if it mean seeing less of them because of their busy scheduel. It take dedication and alot of time put into school. Always keep in mind parents and students that it is well worth it in the end. As far as money, there will always be a way. Never give up!


Investing is like gambling to make more money for the future. However, investment can also be a gamble for a better future with a better education. Picking the right school to receive an education from is extremely difficult, let alone, picking the right field of study. Parents and students need to figure out which school they will obtain the most from starting by taking a campus tour. From this point, applicants need to consider the location of the school, if the school offers sufficient amount of extra-curricular activities, environmental conditions, cultural attributions, academic rank, and also specific professors with a reputation. Upon these catergories, decisions may vary depending on the personality and eagerness of the applicant. However, parents and or students will feel a relief going through this process to help find the right college along with the experience they will receive.


To have the best experience at school, the student must choose the right major for his/her self then look for the best school that actually satisfies the person?s goals. It is important to choose a school that has small individual classes and also to give out specific degree to the students. For starters, choose the school that will be close to your house and family because having close people around helps you with the tough times. If having financial problems, choose the school that will provide financial aid and scholarship for its students.


I would suggest students to strongly consider what they want get out of their college experience before applying to a certain college. It is wise for a student to analyze themeselves before applying to certain colleges. Do not rush into the decision ans consider every detail such as size and demographics of a college. Colleges, like poeple, have certain personalities and it is important to pick a college that meets your needs. Above all things, consider the cost of attending a college as you will eventually have to pay what you borrow. In thelong run, education is one of the most important investments you will make, so choose a career you will love and try to be the best at what you are learning to do. I would strongly suggest parents to give their kids the freedom they need so that they can experience college and all of the joy that goes along with it.


Naturally, parents tend to influence what college/university their student attends. Therefore, I would advise a parent to be open-minded and to pay attention to what their son or daughter wants and more importantly, what he or she needs to excel academically and socially. Supposedly high school years are the best years of your life, for me that was not true because so far, my college years have been the best years of my entire life. As for the student, I would tell him/her about my personal experience. Freshman year I was a social outcast, I didn't have friends, and I hated school. Sophomore year came and I decided to get involved, I became a student leader and became Vice President of a club while simultaneously being involved in other organizations. I significantly succeeded academically and made sure that before anything else, my education came first. College is the time in your life when you learn to be independent and mold yourself into who you want to be and not into what anyone else expects you to be. It is the time in your life when you discover yourself and grow beyond that to become someone great.


I would tell parents to allow their student to pick their future. Do not dictate where the student will go; work with them to find their calling. I do not know where I would be without the support of my parents. Knowing this allowed me to express myself without limitation and encouraged me to pave my own path. I would also tell parents to be supportive of the major their child chooses. It makes life so much easier knowing that you have people to fall back when you need support, instead of people who will say "I told you so". For students who are looking for the right college I would tell them to look into the program and make sure the school has what they are looking for to help better their career. Check the facilities, talk to the faculty and take a tour of the campus. Get involved in a summer program at the school to get a better feel of the student body, if such a program is offered. When you walk onto the right campus you will know, it will just feel right. You will feel like you belong.


Make sure to go and visit each college that you are interested in. Figure out what there is to do in your free time, if it is possible to get around without transportation. Make sure to save up enough money since bills and expenses are always around when you are living on your own. Lastly, make sure that the place that you chose makes you happy.


Woodbury University is not a very large school where students could enjoy active social life nor lively campus. However, it is a small school with small classes where it focuses on the relationship between the students and the teacher toward the academic progessions. The school of Architecture is well known amongst the professional field which easily allows the students to get involved in the field after graduation. Also, almost everyone of the instructors in school of Architecture are practicing in the professional fields of architecture. Thus, the students are directly learning and experiencing what they will be expected to do in the real field.