Woodbury University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Prior to coming to Woodbury, I wish I knew about the importance of being active on campus. Beng involved in extracurricular activities is a huge part of the college experience. Not only will you discover what your school has to offer but also learn more about yourself (leaderhip style, interests, ect.) It is also a great way to get out of your shell. The relationships you build in college can last a lifetime!


I wish I had known the rigor required by the architecture professors. I was not prepared for such an intense work load, and it would have been nice to know before hand, so I would have expected it.


That the tutition would go up thousands of dollars for the time i was there. Woodbury is a good school but it is too expensive for middle class people.


I wish I would have known that the school has many places where the students can go to either log into a computer or anything else to help with their school work.


I wish I knew about the lack of help the financial department would give and the lack of support from my advisor. I have spoken with each separately and have come to find that they both were talking about me which really broke my trust in my advisor and made me feel more like a customer than a student who needs help.




art and art theories, more physics, california and most common and crowded cities, more about design and objects of any kinds..i.e. cars....good readings and good crits...good show...more about sports... more about time and time management...more about my weeknesses and strengths...


I wish I knew how much books and supplies were going to cost me.


I would like to have seen the resume of the professors who teach the different classes so I could have an understanding of their approach to the topic in the course.


I wish I had known the actual size of the school, which is quite small, thus lacking in number of facilities.