Woodbury University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Being an architecture student, the atmosphere and culture that has been created is immensely rewarding. The interaction between everyone is not competive. We tend to inspire greater ideas and further push each others creations instead of hinder them. It is understood as studio culture because we work in these studios but the culture is not defined by rules but by how the stuents develop relations with each toher. I must say that the best thing about Woodbury University is these supportive studios in architecture that do not limit themselves to themselves but seek drive throughout every level of the program.


The classroom sizes are great and you are able to establish a relationship with the professors.


the size and the attention the students get from teachers and professors.


The environment and the quality and technique that they are teaching.


There are two great things about this school: faculty and the students. Faculty members are experts in their corresponding fields. They are always available and open to the questions and are willing to work and interact with the students. Students on the other hand, are great group with diverse backgrounds who act as a support group for each other.


Our classes contain about 10-12 students only and we get to have one-one contact and attention with the teacher directly.


The school is compressed allowing students to concentrate more on their studies along with a "not so dominating" social life. I enjoy having a school with a small population simply because it gives us students to get more one on one communication with instructors. I also appreciate the fact of how well organized our school is with its teaching technique. Instructors who teach our architecture class tend to have their own studies and firms which allows us to receive feedback that will benefit us both in class and in the future.