Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a university filled with bright and accepting students who undergo a vigorous courseload of math, science, and engineering while also allowing for project based learning.


Project based with many goal oriented individuals.


Prestigious school with rigorous programs.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a wonderful school that embraces learning and diversity in students. They support all of the students to explore their interests and pursue their career goals. The people here are very accepting of everyone and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in social activities. There is a large support network and a plethora of opportunities for the students as long as they are willing to get out there and allow themselves to experience college life.


WPI is the school where one will work hard through all 4 years, and be rewarded by having a strong, good career ahead of him or her as well having the confidence from experience of constantly working in groups to solve real world problems.


WPI forces individuals to reconsider constantly, while at the same time repeatedly reinforcing the principles that all engineers must rely upon.


This university is filled to the brim with diverse students from all over the world with different interests but they hold one common trait, determination.


WPI has something for everyone- it literally has activities that range from "larping" (kids who organize epic battles with foam weapons) to varsity football to a FIRST robotics team.


It's small enough, which can be a good thing, and it's big enough that you don't know everyone but you can still make a lot of friends. It is challenging academically but as long as you have a good work ethic you will do fine. Overall it is a very good school and I am glad I didn't go anywhere else.


75% Males who mostly take school seriously, 25% girls who often aren't too bright because they let in girls with much less competition than guys.


People good at math and science need lots of alcohol to be socially less awkward.


WPI provides world-class education, but needs to work on its social scene.


WPI is intense in everything they do to include academics, research, extracurriculars, and social activities.


An academically challeng, welcoming environment with a strong emphasis on group work.


WPI is a place where everyone fits in and there is a perfect mix between difficult acedemics and social events.


My school is a small, engineering college that is full of the most interesting and kind people.