Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse in most aspects, even in their eagerness to learn, but most of them share the trait of being very focused on their career after college.


WPI contains a large variety of different student backgrounds - students of all financial types, ethnicities, religions, and orientations. Because of this, WPI's atmosphere is quite accepting of new and/or different persons, and celebrates their diversity. Although a large percentage of students are from Massachusetts due to proximity, the range of countries represented in the student body include, but are not limited to: China, India, France, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Congo, Nigeria, Bolivia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia; as well as exchange student programs and study abroad programs to and from Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, Morocco, Japan, Russia, Puerto Rico, and major U.S. cities. In addition to international relations, WPI has a very active LGBT organization on campus, the WPI Gay-Straight Alliance; an active Religious Center with a variety of organizations and religions outlying the community, including a Christian Bible Fellowship, Muslim Students' Association and Hillel, the Jewish Student organization; and several active political groups on campus, including the WPI Republicans, WPI Democrats and WPI Libertarians. In short, WPI loves diversity!


My classmates - the entire student body in fact - are friendly and easy to get along with, and you can always find at least one or two classmates who share your interests.


They are all type of students at my school, some really rich and some less fortunate. I blend in with many different types of social groups because i am an athlete and because i am different from many people they always want to get to know me. You have your jocks, your tech nerds, your minorities, and your rich kids but they all get along. when it come down to it all we all need each other to get by at this school.


Many different students (from different places, religion race etc) are in WPI. Students wear school hoodies or casuals to class. Not a place for starts to come. Project schedule strengthens communication between different students. Four table ( sports team, sorority, friends?? dorms- people who live on same floor). You will also see Asian students together but it's a phenomenon existing almost everywhere. Most students are from New England. WPI gives many financial support to students (including international students) so students are hardworking and many Americans are doing work study at the same time/


My classmates may be from all over the United Statea or perhaps even from a different country and yet they?re all friendly, helpful and competitive math geeks.


My classmates here are all very driven and motivated as well as being nice people.


They are sort of geeky but very smart and articulate.


My classmates are all friendy and very intelligent.


They are very Focused on Studying, but know when to have fun.


There is a lot of diversity because there are many international students. The school is mostly male, but being a female, it's not really that big of a deal. There are a lot of typical "nerdy" kids but there's still a good amount of "normal" kids too. Friends from other schools have visited and commented on how nice and non-judgmental many WPI students are.


Theres all different types of people here. Really dynamic can't really put a label on it. But we do love to brag about how much we'll be making when we graduate- we all know grads and senior already getting huge offers.


Unique, hard-working, motivated.




the majority understand why they are there and tend not to hold up the class with disruptions


My classmates are very diverse, but everyone is so friendly, helpful, and eager to learn.




intelligent, bright, friendly


A lot of students on campus are from other countries, which creates a very diversified student body. Since most people become friends with the other people that live on their floor freshman year, aside from fraternities and sororities, and sports teams of course, there really aren't many "cliques" or groups like that. Everyone is really very friendly, and unless students are there on scholarships, they're mostly from upper-middle class. A very prominent discussion topic is how much students will make when they graduate and get a job, but that's really what everyone talks about at every college.


The student body is eclectic, with a lot of foreign students (though most seem to be local MA and CT kids). Most are very tech orientated, which can be assumed. There is a very large Greek life on campus that is starkly different in its character from many other Greek campuses. It being orientated towards being a social outlet for people who don't necessary fit in with the dorky tech kids. Students are often career orientated rather than orientated towards possibly furthering there education beyond a bachelors, or sometimes a masters. Many student are relatively socially and politically inactive, with most extra energies being focused on keeping up to date on current and advancing technologies.


While there are some outgoing people, many are socially introverted, only leaving their rooms when they have to.


The Student body is very diverse. Different ethnicity, places of origin, sexual orientations, etc. Many students get along with eachother. There are many cliques but most people break out a little bit. Many of the students are from Massachussetts but there is still diversified.


most of the students at WPI were huge nerds in high school and thus have no social skills beyound debating which flavor or moxie is best, or who is the best at dungeons and dragons. However there is a large group of athletes who were small town superstars who just weren't good enought for d1 or d2 schools but still think they are the shit because they play college football/basketball. Also because of the low number of girls and high number of guys, those girls in high school who were not real pretty but not too ugly are now treated like goddeses and end up sleeping around a lot and thus they get the idea that they don't have to be nice to get guys anymore so they become bitchy.


The student body at WPI is pretty diverse. I'm friends with students over a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds. I really don't think that anyone would feel out of place at WPI, except for technophobes perhaps. A lot of WPI students are from New England, but there are still plenty of students, such as myself, from all over the place. Financial backgrounds vary a lot, as WPI gives out a lot of scholarship money to students.


Outcasts and geeks are very welcome at WPI. At WPI there are generally 2 types of people: 1. the geeky people that like to play video games and hang out with each other rather than party, and 2. the jock/partiers who go out drinking a lot and often end up dropping out of WPI.


WPI is a very interesting group of people. There are many different groups on campus with many different interests. People come from diverse backgrounds with everything from the inner city to the country, different races and religions, different sexual preferences, etc. Everyone can find a group of people that to hang out with, study with, and generally have fun with. There are cheerleaders and football players, nerds and popular kids, loners and uber-involved students. Everyone can find something here.


Not too diverse, but a fairly large foreign population. No one feels out of place, as long as you make a small effort. Some rich kids, like any other expensive school, but overall, a decent mix for a New England school.