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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


For some students they are- but you're going to find those type of kids at every college. WPI is definitely normal. If you take a walk across campus people would be surprised- everyone looks like average college kids. Just because we're a top engineering school in the country doesn't mean we forget to bathe every day.


Somewhat. A small portion of the population does fall under that category, but the majority does not.


The ratio is true, and though hard to deal with at first, isn't the worst thing ever. Even though I fall towards believing this one, I have known many people who have found rewarding aspects of our liberal arts side, you just have to work harder to find them. Some of the teachers do act this way, but I have found that many of the professors are exceptionally orientated towards helping and learning from the student as well as teaching us.


For much of the WPI student body, this is accurate, but it's important to note that Greek Life is strong on the WPI campus which does get people out of their dorms.


The geeky stereotype is somewhat accurate. There is the fair share of "geeks" but majority of the people are well rounded and outgoing people.


very accurate. Half the kids at wpi fight with foam swords on the quad and the other half think they are the shit for playing football at a d3 school.


For some people, yes they can be. It all really depends on what YOU want to do. If you want to sit in your room all day and play games, nothing is stopping you. However, if you make some friends and have the will to go out and do stuff, then you'll have no problems doing that either.


There are girls here, especially bio, but some fields like IMGD (my major), CS, ECE, etc there are less than 10% females.


Pretty much


1. NO! WPI does have its fair share of people that do play a substantial amount of video games. It also has a decent number of LARPing fanatics that have an obsession with foam sword battles. But the vast majority of WPI students are normal, interesting, and fun people that are involved in the classroom and with on campus activities. 2. WPI and the engineering field are definitely not guys-only. The school is roughly 70% male, however there is no lack of comraderie among the female students. There are plenty of things to do for both guys and girls. The smaller percentage of girls is hardly even noticed. Engineering is not just a male-only field either! There are so many opportunities for women in the engineering/science/math fields, and there is no shortage of female success. 3. WPI students do spend a good amount of time studying, but we do so much more too! There are so many activities and campus organizations that it is hard not to get involved. WPI students know how to work hard, but I think we know how to party even harder.


Somewhat, there are alot of nerdy kids, but still alot of cool ones. And as for the girls, we have like a dozen colleges in the area, so it isn't a big issue.