Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That all of us are ugly, nerdy, anti-social, and that all the girls are bitch cause theres not as many around.


That we're all nerds, and we all have LAN parties and study all the time.


The ratio of men to women being horrible (20% women:80% men). That we're all technically orientated and don't embrace the liberal arts That the teachers care for nothing but there research and don't think of the students


Some stereotypes about WPI students is that they are socially inept nerds who rely on alcohol as a 'social lubicant' to have fun.


The main stereotype is geeky.


50% nerds 25% jocks 20% Asian and 5% girls


That we are geeky, computer nerds who do nothing but sit in our rooms all day and play games.


That there are no girls here and all the guys are geeky nerds


Everyone there is a geek


1: All WPI students are anti-social LARPing nerds who do nothing but sit in front of the computer/video game system all day long. 2: WPI and/or engineering is only for guys. 3: Engineers do nothing but sit in the library and study.


A big stereotype is that everyone is nerdy and secluded, and that there are no girls.