Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who know what they want to do after college should come here. There is a large variety of personalities and interests on campus..


Anyone who considers themselves in any way a nerd or geek this is the school for you! If you love working in groups on projects, if you love learning about something you love with people who have the same interest. You can always be yourself and find people who are just like you. As the president said in his welcoming speech, "Welcome home nerds!"


A student who loves learning, working hard, and enjoying the rewards of attending a rigorous academic institution. WPI is tough academically but has much to offer after school both in the social life, as well as job placement in the future.


Self-motivated, learning-oriented people should attend WPI. The teachers always teach what you need to know, but there's always an added pressure to excel accompanying a heavy work load per class. The comparatively small number of student's and the large number of club and organizations means positions of leadership are always available but only to those leaders who step up and take them.


A person attending WPI should have a strong interest in engineering or sciences. They should be academically oriented, but be open to try a variety of social activities.


Someone who is scientifially minded, is capapable of personally motivating themselves to excel in the world of academia, and is comfortable with going to a college whose student base primarily consists of geeks.


Engineering and science people who like to solve hands on problems


Self-motivated, hard working, hard playing, diversified, intelligent, thoughtful, friendly, outgoing


anyone who wants to get a good engineering experience and a good job after graduation


A person seeking a setting in which to build the foundations for a career in science or engineering who is able to motivate and focus him/herself to perform well academically. A person who enjoys theoretical or practical problem solving and wishes to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively engage in it.


Ideally, they should be deeply ivolved and interested in thier studies and hobbies. However, I would feel that they also should have a decent financial situation or a very generous provider of some kind.