Worcester State University Top Questions

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its location and advanced technology


It is very small and much cheaper than the other schools I was originally looking at. The difference between paying $44,000 dollars a year and about $6,000 is a big deal to me. I also like not being a number, my professors know me by name and it is more rewarding this way.


Im not really sure...it is a small school so its nice to get to know people in class and be close with the professors. I also like knowing the whole campus and where to go without getting lost or worried. The school is right outside of the city so you can go and do stuff its not secluded or boring.


The most unique part of Worcester State College is it's access to the city and all the nearby businesses. There is always somewhere to go, whether it's to the movie theater, out for a bite to eat, or just a walk in the park. The location is ideal, and it was close to home. Most of the students who attend live in or grew up in the nearby area. It's not only comforting to know the area, but to always know you can call home if you live on campus. Everything is always close at hand.