Worcester State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Worcester State University? Why?


The worst thing at WSU would have to be the parking for commuters. It is terrible, if your classes start at 8:30 a.m you would have to arrive atleast an hour early to find a decent parking space. The parking lot isn't big enough, they definitely need to make it bigger in order to cause less traffic in the mornings.


no post-college career palcement opportunities


The worst thing about my school is that some courses are only offer every 2,3,4 years, therefore some students might not be able to attend that course. Other electives are hard to get in because the spaces run out quickly.


The worse thing about my school would be that there isn't 24hour access to the library and on demand counselors.


The worst thing is the parking at the school. Freshman can not have a car on campus and there is barely any parking on campus.


The worst thing about my school I wold have to say is the network. The Worcester State network is called Blackboard. A site in which studets can check their grades and updates from their teachers. At times the network can be slow and sometimes crashes. Especially duing registration.


The worst thing about Worcester State College in my opinion is that the staff and employees of the college do not make students feel welcome. When I have an issue, I do not feel like they are there to make my life easier-in the contrary, I get the vibe that I am just another student, a number instead of an individual with an actual issue.


The cafeteria food How most people go home on the weekends


I would consider the parking available to be the worst thing about my school. A lot of students and even faculty are late to class because there is not enough parking for everyone. I dont think the school caters enough to the needs of the students and faculty in terms of parking. I do have hopes that they will be able to fix this problems in the near future.


I do not like the time limits they give on things. Such as when payments are supposed to be due or if a medical health form needs to be in