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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself if I were given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be to grow up and save money. These are just two of the things I would tell myself out of the one hundred. Grow up because I didn't take high school seriously I thought I would just get by and pass my classes if I did everything at last minute which it did work but now I realize that it isn't the same in college. I would also save up as much as I can that way I could have something to rely on when things get rough and I don't have enough gas in my car to make it to class. I would also tell myself to stop being lazy and take advantage of any opportunity available to me, like applying for scholarships, providing volunteer service at our local Wheat Office. I really do wish it was possible to go back in time so I could actually fix my "mistakes." It would make my life so much easier.


If I were able to give myself advice as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry about making new friends because at everyone else attending Worcester State is also looking foward to making new friends. I would tell myself that my mother really does know what is best for me and wouldn't let me go to a school that she believed didn't have my best interest in mind. I would also have told myself not to be scared to live with a random roommate because it is a great way to meet new people. Last of all, I would tell myself to not get caught up in maintaining a social life; you can't go to every party if you want to maintain a high GPA and have a successful career, which is afterall the reason you're there in the first place.


I would tell myself to pick a school that gives me the most opportunities to be engaged in my field and helps with opportunities after school. The school I went to was small, so I would want a bigger school, with more of a sense of community within the school. Weekends we left with only athletes on campus. There was no school pride. I would have chosen a school that encompassed all of those things.


My college experience was not simply a journey to an end with a a piece of paper that I call my diploma that is framed and hung on a wall, it was an experience that has allowed me the knowledge and confidence to know that I can accomplish whatever it is I put my mind to. My experience didn't only give me the basics to even further my education and develop the career I've always wanted. It also gave me the opportunity to make some of my best friends and allowed me to study on the Galapagos Islands an experience that can't ever be replaced. It also taught me that I can juggle school, work, and starting my own buisness and do it all successfully. My college education is invaluable, as the education and experience can't ever be replaced nor can anyone ever take them away.


The advice that I would give myself about college life is to get ready to be independent and work hard. Some courses that are taken online or is a hybrid class can be very difficult because the students need to teach themselves the material and is responsible to meet with the professor during office hours to explain that they do not understand the concept. As a college student, I would recommend myself to become independent because sometimes professors cannot stay late like in high school to offer extra help. It's also best to be on top of things rather than be behind in class because it is easy to be confused and hopeless. The most important thing that students need to learn is to have good time management. Most students complain that they do not have enough time to do homework and sports. It is best to be prepared ahead of time and put all the effort a student can on their work.


If I had a chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would have given myself was to continue with school (college) since the rhythem of being in school was still fresh. In addition i would have advised myself to participate in any clubs or groups in school also, volunteer within my community in local food banks and charities. Since i know now that these things are highly sought from schools and scholarship giveaways.


As a high school senior knowning what I know now I believe I would change my way of life. I would like to mention that college (the college I go to) is much like high school because it has small classes and everyone knows everyone elses business. It is not a good thing and a bad thing. My high school was a fine time in life where i realized that not everyone is going to be your friend. People are going to judge you even when you get to college as they did in high school and there really is nothing you can do about it. If you want to continue to succeed in life you must not listen to others but continue to follow what you want in life. Don't get caught doing what everyone else does in life but do as what you feel is the right thing to do for yourself.


If i could go back in time i would apply sooner and think more about trying to get scholarships because scholarships are an important thing to save yourself some cash.


Knowing what I know now about college , the first few words of advice I would give myself are, "relax its not as bad as you think." As a high school senior I was frustrated and worried about the transition from high school to college. Once I got into the routine of college life it was easier than high school! Another word of advice that i would give myself is, "learn how to manage your time!" College life may be a breath of fresh air, but if you do not know how to manage academic life and social life, then you are in for a disaster. You should never lose sight of the real reason you're at college to begin with. Which is to get a degree. Lastly I would advise myself to get involved and have fun! College provides so many opprotunities and events. Don't miss out on the fun. Take a break once in a blue moon, but still work hard.


If I could go back in time and counsel myself as a high school senior, using the knowledge I have now about college life and the transition, the number one thing I would advise myself is not to do things to please other people. I would advise myself to take actions and do them because it is what I want to do, and where I want myself to be in the future, instead of making decisions to please other people. I would advise myself to trust my decisions, because as long as I have determination, and self motivation ( which I have plenty of) I will always succeed and reach my goals. As a senior in high school, I was confused with what I wanted to do with my life ( what school to go, what I wanted to major in etc... ). Most of my college related decisions were based on pleasing my mom, pleasing my boyfriend, and pleasing my teachers. I ended up loosing precious time pursuing a major I knew I did not like, until I finally realized that my decisions should be my own because even though they affect other people, in the end they hurt me the most.


I would have maybe tried to take a few AP classes so that i would have college credit and i would have thought more about my major prior to going to college.


advice i would give myself is to work hard at school. Choose the best college I can qualify to. Choose the course of study that I want.


I would tell myself to try and be more outgoing at the beginning of my freshman year. I feel like one of the hardest parts of adjusting to college is making friends and developing a new social life. Although I have great friends in college now, I feel like if I had been more open to meeting new people at the beginning, I would've had even more opportunity to meet people different from myself. And I would've let myself now that the first few weeks of college are the tougest, but that you'll get used to the food, having to share a bathroom with 25 other girls, and being away from home, and that by the end of the first year, you won't want to leave.


I would have told myself to apply to lots of different colleges. I only applied to the colleges that had Radiologic Technology as a major but after I got really sick and ended up in the hospital my senior year, I gave up on the idea of working in a hospital. I did not apply to Worcester State until long after I was accepted to my other college choices. I would also tell my senior in high school self to not stress out so much because my high school prepared me well for the transition.


I would tell myself that even though it is important to make freinds, it is even more important for me to study and do well in my classes. College is a lot differnet from high school and you really have to be focused if you want to do good. Try to be friendly to the professors of your major and try to get along with one them so you get a better learning expirence. Learning about the job you plan to get by someone who is very expirenced and knows how it is in real life is very helpful. Also stay out of trouble and dont do anything stupid that would mess up your future.


The advice that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college would be to make sure you go and look at the school. I say this so that you know it is going to be in a location that is good for you and know and feel that you are going to be safe. You wouldnt want to go to school where you dont feel safe. I would also say to make sure you talk to some of the students already attending the school and aks them what they think about it because then you get a first hand experience instead of just reading about the school in some kind of brochure. To make the most of your college experience I would say to make sure you are yourself and dont let anyone make you feel like you should be otherwise. Also, don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you dont believe in or something you would regret later on. I would mainly say to have good time management so you can do well and succeed in school and also have a good time with your friends.


The best advide I could give is do not make money the reason you don't choose a school. There is so much help and scholarships out there to assist you in financing the college you want to attend.


Finding the right college is very important. students not only need to looking at the schools academics, but the schools atmosphere and surroundings, their socialness, the involvement in the environment, the oppurtunities a student will have once they graduate from that college. It is important for a child to grow in college, so a social experience is important when looking at colleges. A student should not have to party or drink to be socially accepted. Schools that put a large emphasis on working hard and good morals are great school to look into. It is good to look for a school that has alot of clubs, teams and social groups so that a child can get involved in many different activities and enjoy their college experience.


Look around and decide what you want from the school and extra curricular activities


For parents and/or students who are searching for the right college and interested in making most of the college experience, I recommend visiting many schools. Campus visits are extremely important, especially during the school year when the prospective student is able to see the school in action. As well as campus visits, I recommend looking into the size of the classrooms and the teacher to student ratio. It is so much easier to learn in a classroom with 30 students rather than a lecture hall with 200 students. College is about your learning and preparedness for the world, and a school that provides excellent academics as well as multiple options for social interaction is key.


When your looking at colleges, make sure you really put in the time and effort to finding the college that's right for you. Don't worry too much about cost, but what ultimately will satisfy you for the next 4 or maybe more years of your life. Consider colleges in different states, and towns and really weigh all your options. The campus, food, academics and social life should all be taken into account. Try out everything, whether it be a sport or club, its easier to not continue doing something that isn't working for you than it is to think back and regret not trying everything you could. Don't base your college choices around significant others, expand your horizons and do what's going to make you happy. What's meant to be will be. You don't get the college years back, so use them wisely and get as much out of them as possible. Follow your dreams.


Students should take their time to choose a college. Don't just go somewhere because your parents, siblings, best friends, etc think you should be there. Follow your heart and find a way to make it work because you will be happier in the end.


Be sure to manage your college career starting with the selection process. Be sure that you select a school that no only has the major you are interested in, but be sure there is a serious commitment to that major. Ask how many students are enrolled, how many professors teach major courses and be sure to specify full-time faculty. Ask about their use of adjunct and part-time faculty. Find out what the selection criteria is for these people and how prevelant their use is at the school. Once you are enrolled, make sure you understand what the requirements are to graduate. Keep a spreadsheet or some type of tracking system to track your progress towards graduation and plan for subsequent semesters.


There are a few words of advice that I hope will resound in the minds of parents and students alike. A school is not about a name or a title. A school should be about enlightenment. It is best to choose a school that peaks your interest in the topic you wish to study. Studying for four years at a school that you really don't enjoy won't easily allow you to become top of your class, nor will it encourage you to do extracurricular activities. During their course of study at a school a student should find an expanded world of possible career choices in their field that sound equally alluring. A student should feel a connection with the field of study they have chosen and make the choice to dedicate the rest of their life to it. These feelings are brought about by the environment in which the material is presented to the student. These feelings do not come from a name, a place, or a title. Those variables are arbitrary in the end. What matters is a connection to the professors and a connection to the material. Those four years are more important than a name.


Do a lot of reserach on the schools that you are interested on. Try to shadow a student in the same major that you are interested in and always ask questions. Not just the regular usual questions., ask in depth questions to really get an understanding . Also ask students around about the school not just the tour guides.


Make sure it is what you want and that it has the program you are interested in.


There are many criteria that make up the right college for a student. The most important is whether or not the school has the major you are interested in. Other factors that need to be looked into are cost, location, size, atmosphere, and academics. You want to be sure you like where the college is located and how big or small the school is. Liking the people there is also very important because you make lifelong friends in college. The cost is very important because there needs to be enough money to pay for school or you must be able to get financial aid and loans. To make the most of your college experience you not only need to do well in your classes, but participate in other activities like clubs or intramurals and have a social life. In college you will make friends that will stick with you long after you leave college.


Money isn't everything, do what you would enjoy.


follow yout heart


Many students in search of the right college have merely an inkling of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I would suggest that if you fall into this category, choose a school that has a wide variety of majors and minors. Take advantage of the required courses. Not only do they make you a better-rounded individual, they can help you decide what your passion is. You may not be an expert in every course you take. Find your academic success department and use it frequently for any difficulties you run into throughout your college career. A great piece of advice I was given during orientation and have followed myself is to join various groups on campus. Becoming involved with the campus makes you enjoy the campus all the more. You meet life-long friends and make connections that are valuable after graduation. You become involved with your school and the community. Above all, do not give up. When you start to feel stressed and wonder if you?ve made the right decision, remember you have. You are making great advances for yourself right now and for the rest of your life.


I would say to definately visit all the campuses before selecting the college. You want to make sure you will feel comfortable at the college you choose. The worst thing is to go to a college that you dont feel comfortable at. Make sure you go out and get involved in all the extra ciricular activities and organizations and sports that you can handle because it makes your experience a lot better when you meet friends and have a feeling of belonging. Also make sure you spare enough time to do school work and stay focused, because it can all add up in the end. Try to get involved in groups that pertain to your major so you can start thinking and searching for careers or jobs.


There are several factors to consider when selecting the college that is right for your future student. Everything needs to be analyzed in terms of the future, and how effective the college will be in reaching the ultimate goal in the student's mind. Each college has it's own strengths. Whatever your initial reason is for attending a particular college, realize that the ultimate goal is to obtain a degree. Everything else is secondary, but don't rule it out. Try to make the most out of everything you have the opportunity to be a part of. Sports, student council, or anything extracirricular make the time move faster, and can create friends that will last a lifetime. Be social, learn to ask questions, and be willing to test your ideas and the way the world works. Ultimately, college is about expanding one's knowledge and making a person more profound. Realize that attending a college is one thing, but fulfilling the requirements and keeping a sound GPA will make a person well sought in the highly competitive job market. With plenty of life ahead, realize that this may be the stepping stone to success.


Allow your children to attend that school that they really want (as long as it can be afforded) and call them often. Moving out for the first time is a huge step and alot of students get homesick at first, but try to stick it out. You never know you might really enjoy the school you choose to attend. Encourage your students to partake in as many campus activities as possible.