Word of Life Bible Institute Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


WOLBI gives an excellent foundation for knowing the Word of God, and how to interpret it correctly, even on your own. I love the size, even though at times, it does seem very small. I get to know a lot of my classmates. A lot of people have never heard of Word of Life Bible Institute, so they ask a lot of questions about it, but I'm always happy to answer them, and recommend it. I love WOLBI. The most frequent complaints are probably about the rules. There are a lot of rules for the students here at WOLBI, but I appreciate them a lot. They really are trying to create as conducive an environment to studying the Word as they possibly can. They do however, try to make it clear that they know that some of their rules are not actually Biblical mandates, but rather, simply institutional preferences. As you submit your application, and register, and confirm, I think they ask you to read the Student Life Handbook a total of three times, or so, so there most likely will not be any surprises regarding the rules. All in all, obviously every school has flaws, but I love it here. I couldn't recommend it more.


The staff is really friendly! It's like a family. Everyone is really nice and helpful and tries to help you in whatever it is you want to do during the year.