Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


WSU has a great campus and helpful teachers


Wright State is a well rounded school that has everything between different ethnicities, classes, activities and more.


Wright State University is largely a commuter college in Dayton, Ohio that focuses on academic excellence.


It can be your home away from home.


Diversified, friendly staff and students and easy access to campus.


Wright State is a place were diversity is all around and there are different countries represented in its population.


Wright state University is a college with very successful individuals.


It's a good place to get your degree and get out.


Wright State offers a variety of majors and has a wide selection of campus activities and organizations to get involved in.


Wright State is a place where you can be yourself and do things your way, you can really be an individaul here.


I 'm a hard working, independent, outgoing, personable, determined, open-minded, easy going, woman that loves to be outdoors and on the go/.


Decent sized campus that is easy to get from one building to the next, even during the winter through the underground tunnels.


Mostly a commuter school with about 3-5 thousand people living on campus. Not extremely large but still big enough to give you a college campus feel. I like the layout of campus, within the first couple weeks I knew where almost all the buildings were. I personally like the feel of the campus.


My school is very unorganized.


I am trainsfering to Wright State, and I currently attend Owens Community College in Findlay, OH. My personal depictoin of Owens Community College would be: " affordable and close to home."


This school is really accessible for me as I am in a wheelchair. I really like how everyone is so nice with eachother and always willing to help eachother. It also is a very small campus.


Wright State is a challenging yet productive school and has helped many students to grow in their decision making na helps them focus on their future.


A fun place to gain an education while also making tons of new friends and having a blast!


Wright State is innovative and energetic.


My school is fun, full of energy, exciting, and career oriented.


My school is diverse.


A great place to learn, and widely accepting of people who have disabilities.


Wright State University is very culturally and ethnically diverse with a lot of different personalities and type of people.


Wright State is the epitomy of social acceptance.


Wright State is very diverse and career driven.


My school is a great learning school, which makes me focus to the max of my potenial.


Wright State University is a college that is diverse and has soared and prospered despite all odds and that is what makes them an eye catcher.


WSU is a school for students who want a great education and they dont have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars


WSU is a very diverse, comfortable,and academically strong school.


Wright State is a very diverse, helpful, environmentally-aware, open, friendly campus with lots to do and an enormous amount of activities and volunteer opportunities.


Going to Wright State has challenged me and made me a more responsible adult


My school is a very diverse and career striving school.


My school is a diverse group of individuals working towards a common goal of high education and getting a great job out of college.


Wright State University is a great place for older students, commuter students, working students, and people who are not in college for the social aspect; however, it can also be a great place for students who are looking for a very social, "collegey" atmosphere.


it is a fun place to be, but at the same time it matures you and teaches you to be more sensetive to others disabilities.


My school is fun, stressful, small, more for commuters, and expects alot for its students and their education, and somewhat helpful with helping students get where they need to go in life.


Wright State University is a place that taught me it is okay to make a mistake and it was a place that allowed me to learn alot about myself and allowed me to grow.


Wright state university is good in education fields


An establishment bent on providing educational opportunities to local students in an attempt to feed the nearby communities and cities with educated persons in need of employment, thus making the area more attractive to large companies and encouraging them to open centers here and stimulating the local economy.


Needlessly stressful due to lack of administrative planning for parking; Sells way more expensive parking passes than there are spots to park-Unfair.


My school is academically challenging and rewarding.


Wright State is a sopportive university that was and is a perfect fit for me.


wright state is a place where one can easily be distracted but always encouraged.


A parking lot and airfiled, will random pretty places to enjoy


Wright State University is there purely to serve the purpose of getting your degree without so much the "college experience" a lot people are looking for.


Wright State University is a medium sized school with a pretty campus, a large student union, nice housing, knowledgable professors, varied classes, many student clubs and organizations, and a diverse student body.


A cheap but worthwhile school with many overqualified, amazing professors and a diverse group of students in a medium sized city.