Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Friendly and multicultural


My classmates at Wright State were always helpful and never judgmental.


My classmates are easy to talk to, fun, and easy to make friends with!


My classmates here are friendly, helpful, and eager to learn.


My classmates are quiet, dedicated, and focused.


My classmates are very dedicated to their education and are very goal-oriented.


Students are for the most part nice and outgoing on campus. There are some people that are tentative when I might say "hello" or "how are you this morning", but overall I enjoy the variety of personalities around campus. I think students that don't socialize with others would feel the most out of place. Most students wear jeans and a shirt or sweats to class. Most students commute to Wright State and sometimes I find it hard to meet new people who live on campus. I am not sure if most students are politically active or aware. My roommate talks about how much he'll earn one day but hopefully he works hard now to get to where he wants to be in 10 years.


My classmates are very diverse.


My classmates are all ages. We have the just out of high school and older students who are returning to learn. I think its exciting having a large and diverse group of people. The students are exciting about there classes and about learning. They feel very hopeful about the future. I was a little nervous because I felt like i might be too old. However I am not too old to learn and better myself.


My classmates are very nice and interesting people.


My classmates at Write State University are very welcoming and are always willing to help a fellow student out when they can.


The ones I have now... middle aged married white women with kids in Highschool and a undergaraduate degree they havent used in 10 yrs. But that is just my program. And most of the events on campus end up being taken over or targeted at the Black Community on campus, while this inclusion is a good thing, it often feels that us average white-looking male commuters are usually the odd man out


my classmates are still trying to get the swing of college like me.


My classmates are so helpful and always willing to catch me up or help me with material I do not understand.


Most of my classmates are commuters. So many of the people I have met at on campus events and they either live in the dorms or in nearby appartments.


My classmates: They were about the most random group of people I have met in my entire life.


My classmates are very hardworking,goal-minded and determined.


My classmates are very interactive, open-minded, and willing to learn in class.


Very outgoing and have unique characterisics about themselves, which makes the learning very lively.


My classmates are very diverse, different backgrounds, different cultures.


My classmates are diverse in that some of them deserve to be here because they will work and some of them are here because Wright State is a non competitive university.


My classmates are always calm, laid back, and willing to learn.


Most of my classmates are quiet with the exception of a few who like to continually interupt class.


My classmates are very diversed.


Most classmates are very focused, keep to themselves and are very efficient, making it a very peaceful and hands on class environment.


My classmates are very understanding, friendly, trustworthy and respectful.


They are extremely friendly.


Because my class was the largest enrollment at Wright State, I do not know everyone, so therefore it is hard to be able to describe my classmates. If I were to guess though, we would be hard working and goal oriented.


too much fun


There are thousands in my 2013 graduating class from different cultures, but the people that I have similar classes with are nice people overall.


Half the class comes to the class and the other half come when they can.


different people from all different walks of life


They are free-spirited!


Talkative with social group and friends.


My classmates are culturally diverse and willing to chat and help one another in class.


Classmates are not highly motivated and often complain about the professors and the way classes are run. They expect a lot but dont necessarily give a lot in return.


My classmates are my friends we all get along.


A lot of the classmates that I have had are unsure about their future or who they are. They give into pressure to try and fit in as a "normal" college student. They try to act like they are "too cool for school" and sometimes do not seem to care that they are spending thousands of dollars to attend this university. On the other hand, I have had some classmates who were very excited and motivated to learn.


Outgoing and extremely social.


The classmates here at Wright State University are very concerned about school, the following years after school and getting ahead in life.


Bodies forced together in shared misery.


Enjoy the different personalities, the learning and assisting with learning abilities.


loud but friendly and always good to be around for encouragement.