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The unique thing about my school is that they give students with disabilities wonderful help in terms of classes and services. Also, there are tunnels underground in case of winter and are faster routes to classes. It is an amazing and accomidative school. The tunnels take you to all the buildings on campus underground, and the disability service office works with you and the professors to assist you through all levels of your collage career.


Wright State is a very diverse. I think this makes my college really stand out. Here we are very accepting. The atmosphere and the attitude of the students is very friendly and compasionate. Being here makes me feel like I belong to a family. We have people from different races, countries, and backgrounds.


Wright State is not too big or too small and the surrounding area is safe.


I believe that the availability of resources makes my school very unique. As well as the commitment to serve the community and advancements in educational programs. We have some excellent resources and facilities for Business, Art and Science majors. Even if you do not major in those areas it is enevitable you will take a class that utilizes the resources and facilities.


The diversity was incredible. They don't discriminate against race, religion, political views, religious views (although you do have to put up with the Quad God telling you that you're going to hell quite often). It was a really good school that gives the students lots of opportunities to get involved if they want, or to just study away.


Something that I think is unique about the school compared to the other schools is that since there are so many people you get an understanding of other cultures and how people from different places live. Also, what I love is that there is always something to do and I new person to meet.


Wright State is a wonderful school. You can live on campus or travel. There is so much to do for those who stay on campus or those who travel. Its a wonderful experience. I went to a community college for years and enjoyed my classes. However there is just something missing when everyone always goes home. Wright State has almost every sport and students are always welcome!! Wright State is a well known school and should be completely considered.


The cost of tuition was significantly lower.


There are apartments on campus that are for families. With this option students can live on campus and still be with their children. There is a playground next to the apartments for kids to play and a daycare center on campus to watch children while their parents are in class. For students who cannot get an apartment off campus this is a real blessing.


i have started other school. but this school is going to help me right from the start they have toold me what i need to do before i started. Everything is doing that i need to do.


my school is closer to home than some of the other colleges I was looking at, and they have an amazing nursing program.


It has much diversity around the campus. They have underground tunnels for the winter season.


Wright State strives to involve students, no matter if they be commuter or resident students. All students feel welcomed to all activities.


I found the campus atmosphere to be refreshing. There is always something to do. In addition, the course offerings allow me to learn about the massive variety of subjects I'm interested in.


Wright State has excellent facilities and oppotunities for higher education for a great price. The Hangar offers a few different fast food restaurants and a great place to hang out. The cafeteria is amazing, it offers amazing foods of all kind. If you are tired of the cold and snowy weather then you can escape it by going into the tunnels that connect all of the buildings. The tunnels are a huge relief and are easy to navigate. There is plenty of activities to participate in from swimming to squash there are things to do for all types of people.


I find Wright state unique because there are so many different types of people including races and religions. There are many interesting people at my school. I would also have to say all of the different programs and activites they offer.


Wright State University is here to help you succeed. They provide a free writing help center and free tutoring to all freshmen. They have underground tunnels that lead you to every building, so on those freezing days or those burning hot days you do not have to walk outside. The best part of this facility is that it's a handicaped friendly environment, so everyone feels comfortable here.


Wright State allows me to take classes based on my year and challenges us to get accepted into the school that contains our major.


Close to home and a very good school. It offers a wide variety of degrees.


Wright-State University has underground tunnels to help the disabled people get around. I have a relative that goes to Wright-State with who is disabled and in a wheelchair I think this is great for him, and he also has aides that help him with everything. These tunnels also help him get to class on time and their is elavators available to him. I also think that Wright-State is unique , because they affore very many different types or intermerial sports.


Something unique about Wright State would be the tunnels that we have under the main area of campus. You can go through the tunnels in the winter or when it is raining and get to almost all of the buildings on campus without going outside.


Wright State is the most diverse college I have seen. We have students not only of different colors, but also students from countries around the entire world.


WSU has a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job guarantee program for almost ALL majors. If a graduate cannot find a job within 6 months after graduation, WSU will pay for their masters degree in its entirety!


Here you can be yourself, know matter how different others may see you. The people here are not judged.




It's a commuter school, so if you like to go to class, and be able to leave, it is a good school for that. You don't have to feel like you are surrounded by your campus at all times


My school is very friendly and not many people know about it. It has very upscale programs and very well furnished materials. I look at it as a small business, it even has a room that shows updates on all the stocks on wall street! Who has that?! Wright State University does!


I feel that Wright State is very unique when it comes to it diversity. The campus is full of people from all different backgrounds. The campus is also very handicap accessible. The students are very kind to one another. They are also very accepting and open to new ideas and new people. Everyone here looks out for one another no matter the race, gender or capibility.


Wright State offered me the courses i was interested in without any restrictions to my major. I am a Musical Theatre major and i have been exposed to many different types of learning and studying, original and hybrid classes, concerts and plays, famous speakers (Mia Angalu, Danny Glover), and "May Dayz;" a week long celebration to welcome in spring, loaded with games and activity booths and fair food! Located in the quad surrounded by tress and open skys. WSU has been the best experience of my life.


It is mainly a commuter school.


The faculty and staff are really nice, and Wright State was close enough to home that I could commute.


This college is unique because it allows you to still manage a life outside of the campus. Since it is a campus in the city it is mainly commuters here at this school.


There is an underground tunnel system, so if it is cold outside you do not have to venture out into the cold.


Our school is nice because most of the students care about their education and don't just come for the "college experience". Although sometimes the classes can be large, most of the time they are small enough so the students and professors can interact. We have a great BME department that was accredited 18 years before UC!