Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


By my current knowledge the academics are strong.


My favorite class, as of now ,would be Anatomy & Physiology. My major is Athletic Training major so this class is of very interest to me. Professors know my name in each class. Students are very competitive (mainly in small classes). I believe the academic requirements are attainable if students work hard non-stop to achieve success. I would say the education at this school is geared more toward learning, and then eventually getting a job falls right into place.


The academics at my school are one of the school's biggest strengths, in my opinion. Because the campus is smaller, it offers students with an opportunity for a more personal atmosphere in the classrooms. Professors are approachable and willing to help in most circumstances, and it is easier to get individual attention and assistance than at a larger university. I have contacted professors from past quarters that have remembered me, and known my name. That is a privilege I'm sure is not common at all universities. I have taken classes that were more difficult, and that weren't my strong points, but I have done very well. There are a lot of resources with which your teachers will supply you. For example, my Chemistry 101 teacher put practice exams on his website for every exam we had. This proved to be a great study tool, and most teachers do something along those lines. As far as studying is concerned, I personally study a lot. I think this has a huge part in how well I've done, but I think that also goes to show that those who study, for the most part, do well. I am a nursing major, and I think the class I have gotten the most out of so far has been Anatomy & Physiology. The professors are engaging, entertaining, and brilliant. You overhear a lot of students discussing the academic material, and I know most of the students study. That class also has been awesome in its lab portion, because we have had the opportunity to use human pro-sections and full cadavers. These have proven to be amazing learning tools and I know Wright State University is lucky to have these resources. Overall, I think Wright State's academics are the biggest strength the university has to offer, which in all reality, should be the case for every university.