Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I guess the worst thing is the parking situation....not alot of parking


The worst thing about Wright State, in my opinion, was the cost. It is nowhere near the most expensive school in Ohio, but I found myself searching for money more often than not. As with any school, the bookstore was over-priced, as was the food in the cafeterias. Besides the costs, the school was great!


I have not experienced anything bad about Wright State as of now.


What I consider to be the worst thing about Wright State University is that we are not as inclusive as people in charge say that we are. We have many students from around the world that come to our university, but often you find each group or race stick together rather than congregate with others. I think that it's sad that we don't work together as much or help each other out as much. Unity should be vital at a university and it is something my school will have to work on in order to grow.


THe worst thing about my school is that sometimes the advising administrstion just lets you flounder a bit in terms of signing up for classes. Also the switch to semesters caused some isues in the systems, and credits didn't transfer correctly, and some people ended up having to stay extra years to make up for all of the changes that took place.


I love Wright State, but if I had to pick the worst thing about my school it would be the math department. I am a physics major so I am taking mostly math classes. So far all of the math teachers have either been really old and didnt care about teaching anymore, or foreign and nearly impossible to communicate with effectively. If I change one thing about my school I would definitely change out all of the math teachers.


The lack of school spirit and weekend activities. It has too many commuter students.


Very few online classes offered. Some classes required for major are only offered one time per year. Parking is not great if you attend classes during the day so I take classes in the evening if available.


Ofcourse as much good things we can talk about our college or university, there is still happens some unhappy stuff. The worst consider thing about my school is when some students trying to negative for those who are other religion, culture, country, etc. It is happened to at the first year of my collge. I remember when I asked one student for help, since I am not a native speaker and it was sometimes hard to understand what was going in classe, so after aking for help that person gave me a negative attitude, which was very sad for me.


It tends to be a commuter school, so sometimes hard to make friends.


I don't have a worst thing about the school.


the cost of attandance for out of state students is twice as much .


The one things that I think is the worse about my school is how they are constantly changing their programs and requirements for graduating. This makes it really hard to stay on track and graduate on time.


The worst thing i consider about my school is absolutely nothing, i love it . It has wonderful resources, an abundant of opportunities that are right there at my finger tips, campus life is great. It seems to have a wonderful and helpful staff and also students.It seems like a great higher learning institute what more can i say.


Due perhaps to the school's size, classes are only offered during certain quarters. So if you miss a class you desired/ needed to take, you have to wait sometimes more than a year to take it.


The worst thing that I have found about this school is that there are not that many activities that take place on campus. This campus is very boring throughout the weekend and completely dead on the weekends. I would love to see people having fun or a good time outside as I walked through the campus. I find myself driving home which is an hour or so away just so I do not have to stay on campus on the weekends. I would like that to change.


The most frustrating thing about Wright State is the way that they do their scheduling. The way they do it is by sections, they let the honor students chose first and let them get the classes for sure. Then the other students are aloud to register for classes and by the time we look a lot of the classes are full. That makes it hard to find classes that work with your schedule if you work or have other things that you register your classes around.


The worst thing about my school is that it is mostly a commuter school. I find it harder to meet people and be able to hangout with new friends because we are all coming from different directions and distances. By the time classes are out for the day, you just want to get home and relax not really hang around campus. Also, there is not much entertainment around off-campus.


The worst thing about this school is finding the time to find a parking spot. Parking is horrible around here.


The one thing I do not like about Wright State University is that it does not have a big variety of black fraternities and sororities on the campus. I am thinking of joining a sorority, but I can only choose from three or four sororities instead of at least ten. I understand the campus is small, but there should still be a better variety of that since the regular greek clubs have fifteen of those on campus.


My school is like high school, it is divided into cliques. If you want to join a regular sorority they are more than welcome to see new faces, but if you want to join a black sorority you have to know certain people to get in. So it's based popularity. When we have events it's the typical people there. I wish people weren't so stuck on themselves and I wish they could just open their eyes and see that there are other people on campus not just the ones you know, or went to school with.


Honestly, I don't think there is a 'worst' thing about this school; I can't even think of anything that is bad about it. Sure I would like it to have a lower tuition, but the tuition is not nearly as bad as some of the other schools in Ohio. Money is going to be an issue with just about any school, I think, since attending college is costly no matter how you look at it. So, as far as bad things go, the school is doing pretty well since the worst thing about it is what is necessary.


It is a very large commuter school and not much is done to promote those commuters to get involved. I know of many students who come to school just for class and leave after. They are missing out on a huge oppurtunity!


Wright State has a very quiet campus on the weekends. This is mostly because a lot of the students that attend Wright State are commuters. The parking on campus is pretty hectic during the school week beccasue there are so many commuters. It would accommodating if Wright State would put more parking facilities in.


Parking is the worst, but I believe that to be true about every college.


The worst thing about our school is the seperation. We have a very diverse campus but it seems to segregate itself. I myself have many African American and Black friends, but you don't see to many interacial groups hanging out. I am sure it is way better than in the past, but I still feel like everyone is not that excepting.


There isnt one thing I dont like about my school. I can say the best thing at Wright State University is a program called "Freshman forgiveness". This is another thing I brag about to my friends who are thinking about going to college. This program allows incoming freshmen to retake classes they've failed all the way up until they have enough credits to be considered a sophmore. It is the best program. If I had to mention one thing I didnt like it would be that once you move off campus, you no longer have a meal plan anymore. ; )


Parking is the worst thing at Wright State University. I work a full-time job and go to school at least 2 classes a quarter. My day is super long because I commute to Wright State and have to leave extremely early to ensure I am able to locate a parking spot in enough time to get to class. We have had this problem for years. I don't understand why no one has decided to put up a parking garage and save all of us time and trouble.


The worst thing is the students who don't care about their education. It seems as if there are some students who are at Wright State just because their parents are making them, they do not want to be there. I wish that more people who hold higher value on their education.


I honestly can't think of anything that I can fault WSU for; I absolutely love my school and the faculty and staff!


One of the worst things about my school is some of the professionals that help run the school. One in case would be my academic advisor who was supposed to help me map out the classes I needed to take for the next quarter. He ended up signing me up for classes I was not even eligible for. That is not very professional in my opinion. I have also had other bad experiences. Not all of their instructors and advisors are bad; I have just had a run in with a select view.


The schools health insurance is probably the worst thing about my school. It covers barely anything for outside visits from the school clinic. It would be nice to have a plan that actually makes a dent in medical bills, or office visits, or anything outside of the school's direct affiliation.


The worst thing about my school are its payment plans. Payments, if not fully paid before the quarter starts, are due the 20th of each month. In my opinion this does not allow the student enough time to come up with the money to pay over one thousand dollars each month when they also have other engagments that require a large amount of there funds such as food, gas, supplies, rent, and other essentials.


i really don't know


There isnt enough research, needed for career success


Nothing bad has ever happened to me at school.


The worst thing about this school seems to be the lack of academic advising that is offered to the students. Academic advisors at this school do not offer the best advice for individual situations. They seem the lack the ability to give students academic advice to help them complete their required degree in the advertised time span. (i.e. Middle Childhood Education Degree 5 year program --advisors do not let students know the best quarter to sign up for classes--considering a class may only be offered once per year) Wright State needs to work on their advising staff.




Parking its ridiculous. When u pay upwards of $15,000 to a school you do not want to spend 20-30 minutes searching for a parking spot.


the lack of communication between the music department and Wright States registrars office.




The campus is dead on the weekends, the transportation to and from the school is horrible, the amout of parking for students who actually live on campus is crap-ESPECIALLY if they park in lot 20, which is NOT in walking distance what so ever. I don't feel that our school has the greatest ideal as a whole in appricating art, especially theater, when we have one of the top five schools in the nation for our theater department. And i hate the idea that we are going on semesters.


There are a few immature kids, but for the most part I think the problems here you would have anywhere


The biggest problem I believe we have is parking. We have too many commuter students (I am one of them) for the amount of parking we have. By mid-morning on a typical school day it is very difficult to find a decent parking spot close to campus. By then we will also have students "stalking" one another for parking places. Students trying to find a spot will follow others walking out to their cars to take their spot, and it is a little annoying.