Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Hardworking and yes it is


that anybody and everybody gets accepted here. not a school the hard to enroll to. you dont have to try


I think the common stereotype of students at Wright State is that they are choosing this school as a last resort. The common belief in the area seems to be that these students decided to come here because they couldn't get in to other colleges or couldn't afford other schools. In other words, the common stereotype is that we are university rejects. I think this stereotype is widely inaccurate. I was accepted to The Ohio State University. I spent less than a quarter there, hated it, and decided to come back home. I enrolled in Wright State University and I love it! I'm doing really well, I love the classes and the professors, and I realize now that Wright State isn't just a second-rate school, it's a great university!


There are a lot of video gamers and they have their own lounge; I avoid them because they can be harsh sometimes. Greek life is active, but not super popular because they only like fellow Greeks. Wright State is known for being a commuter school, which is totally true. A lot of people go home on the weekends, the university is trying to change that atmosphere.


There are stereotypes at my school. There are the athletic jocks, the theater kids, the science geeks, the work -out buffs, and many more. These stereotypes are not accurate because when you think about it, we're all so similar. We are students, working towards a goal, and hoping to succeed.