Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The school is very well organized and clean with good professors.


I enjoy Wright State because it's not too big, but also not too small. I use the tunnels almost everyday which is very convenient for me. When I tell people I go to Wright State they say, "You mean WRONG State!" I just laugh at them and say, "No, it just Wright for me!" There's a lot of people with school pride here. You'd think students here would where more OSU attire to classes but they do not. So far I don't have a memorable moment at Wright State but I know I soon will.


My overall opinion of Wright State University is that it's a great school. It really depends on what your preferences are, but I like the smaller size of the campus and student body. You don't have 400 students in all of your classes, and in some of them, you may even have as low as 20-25 members, which is kind of like a high school class, so the relationship with your professor can be more helpful and in-depth. The academics part of the school is awesome, and I've done really well. The campus is small, most of the time you can park in one parking lot and walk to all of your classes, which makes the parking situation a little bit easier. That's a good thing, because sometimes, parking can be a real pain in the butt. Depending on the time you come to class, it can be virtually impossible to find a parking spot. That would have to be the worst thing about Wright State in my opinion. They desperately need a parking garage. But, if you schedule clases in the evening, like I do, finding a spot can be really easy, so a lot of times students schedule their classes with parking in mind. As far as campus life, it may seem far and in-between on the surface. You have to kind of search for things to do around campus and I think there is a gap in social relationships between those that live on campus and commuters. That being said, there are things to do, you just have to search for them. But the campus life is definitely not as active as some of the larger universities out there. One totally great perk about being a Wright State student is that you can get discounts on a lot of events at the Nutter Center since it's technically Wright State's building, which is pretty awesome, because some really good artists come to the Nutter Center. All-in-all, Wright State is a great school if you're into the smaller campus atmosphere, which I am!


The best thing about my school is that we're well respected in many fields. We have a very good nursing program, we're known for engineering, and the college of business is very well respected. Tom Hanks personally commended Wright State in the Arts as well. One thing I would change about Wright State is to strengthen the community. Since, Wright State is known for being a commuter school, community isn't a priority on campus. Personally, I like the size of Wright State, it is big enough that I've met a lot of people that have my last name- which was a little weird at first, but I think Wright State is just right, about 18,000 students. When I tell people I go to Wright State, they react positively. Wright State is pretty well known because it's named after the Wright Brothers. I spend most of my time in the Student Union and the library. There is a college town feel because you can get pizza delivered at 2 in the morning, but it's not necessarily a college town because it's near to and Air Force Base. I think the school's administration is good for the most part. If you notice a problem in your bill the sooner you contact the Bursar the better; they are pretty accommodating. Recently there hasn't been any big controversy, however, the Rainbow Alliance is very active on campus and some people find that group controversial. I feel that there is school pride, but there could definitely be more. One event that is always remembered is our rival basketball game with Butler. The most frequent student complain is about parking.