Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Dedicated hard working students ready to learn and earn a education .


There really is not a specific type that goes to the school so I believe that anyone that is interested should attend. There is plenty of opportunities for everyone to take part in. If students need support there are plenty of options at this school like multi-cultural center, women's center, career services, disability services, etc.


Anyone who is looking for a school that offers a variety of degree programs, flexibility in scheduling, and a reasonable price should attend this school.


Anyone interested in a quality college experience - there are opportunities for students of all types. High-achieving students will be challenged. Less prepared students will be transformed. Involved students will be engaged. Commuter students will be supported. Non-traditional students will be understood and welcomed. Students with disabilities will have access. This is a great place for everyone.


Open minded individuals with the ability to focus on their goals. Someone, who wants the one on one with professors but also the large campus atmosphere.


Person who really wants to get a good degree, carreer, etc.


Anyone, WSU is know for its disability and minority services, but anyone would be a good student for WSU


some one who likes a mostly african american community. someone who like a smaller school. Someone who prefers a newer and more technologically advanced school with newer buildings and structures.


I think the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who wants the "college experience" without having to travel to a huge school. Wright State University has the college campus feel, yet it is still small and homey. A person who would like to get off campus every once in awhile would enjoy Wright State, too, as there is plenty to do within minutes of driving. The university is also a nice school for commuters, who want to continue living at home while they go to school.


Any kind of person can attend Wright State University. With the main campus being located in Dayton, only minutes away from Wright Patt Air Force Base, there are tons of diverse people who attend this school. No matter what type of person you are, you will immediately be welcomed and feel like a part of the community.


Wright State is a very diverse campus in many ways. There are many International students on campus as well as many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Our campus is also diverse in that there are many non-traditional students that range in age from 18-60+ years. This campus is very accessible and suitable for all types of students. Anyone would feel comfortable at this school.


I believe the type of person that should attend this school is somebody looking for a wonderful college experience and somebody looking to further their education. Somebody that attends wright state university or any college for that matter should be a person who knows and understands that college isn't just about fun but it's also about the understanding and having knowledge about what their future career would in tell.


A person who is going into the medical field or would like to save some money. Wright State is known for its awesome medical program and for being inexpensive.


This school is great for everyone. The campus life is very inviting and its hard not to find something to do here. There are many people here that come from all different kinds of backgrounds. The professors and staff alike, are very nice and always willing to help.


I would recomend this college to someone who comes froma small school or small city and love it. Wright State University is a small campus with a very home- like feeling. The campus is always quite and never crowed. So if someone likes things to be more relaxed and simple, this college is the one for them.


Wright State is for anyone who has the desire to learn at a great quality school, but doesn't have the money to attend a larger school in the area. It also benefits those who need special attention or have special needs, like those in wheelchairs, because almost the entire campus is accessible to them. Wright State has a great program for freshmen students; it has Freshman Forgiveness, which gives you the ability to retake a class if you didn't pass it the first time. Wright State is an amazing school for anyone, no matter their circumstances.


Someone who is diverse, ready to learn, and can handle learning in a bigger classroom. Wright State is a very diverse school and this school is amazing for those who have a disability. The school is very accessable to all. It is a big school, which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but it also offers a lot of great opportunities as well.


Someone who is open minded, ready to learn, career focused, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.


The kind of person that wants to get a great education for a great price. Someone who wants smaller classes rather than huge lectures and wants to be able to work with their professor if they need extra help. Also the kind of person that wants to stay close to home or near a suburban area that is extremely close to shopping, dining, and parks.


Just like any other school, a student has to be motivated, willing to learn, and have the ambition to do their school work. If a student has these qualities, they should be able to attend any school.


I think anyone who wants to further their education should attend. Wright State seems to be a very good school for a variety of careers. Wright State is also a great school for commuters. If you want to save money by going to school from home this is a school to go to with- out the community college feeling, and more of a university college feeling. They make sure that on and off campus students are involved within the school.


laid back person


A person who is wanting to experience cultural diversity, openess with a strong educational learning environment


A person who should attend Wright State University is he who would be willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort towards his or her future career. We have enough students who go here that simply do it because the government is paying for them. We need more students who really want to be here to learn and become pivotal tools in today?s economy. I need friends who are willing to give 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} towards a project or test because it in turn makes me and my school look better.


Wright State is for EVERYONE. I went to a diverse high school and was blown away by the diversity it offers. There are many people who dont speak English as a primary langauge, thos with disabilities, and amazingly, I still run across old high-school friends as well.


The type of person that should attend this school should be a person that is focused on getting their education and moving onto their career. Since this school is not known for being the most exciting school, many people are solely focused on receiving a good education.


This school is actively, physically, politically, academically, culturally, and in the community. People that have passions but are turned off by the big schools will do well here. This school has a great location for students that are interested in nearly any pursuit, including nature lovers or theater goers.


A serious student


They must be very academically committed because it is very easy to fail out of this school if you spend too much time skipping class and not studying. There is an active social life at this campus and its very easy to fit into a new group but you have to be outgoing and willing to try new things and accept new ideas, so being open-minded is a must.


You have to be driven because you will fail otherwise. The advisors are not very helpful so you will want to talk to other students to get help and have your classes picked out before the date you are allowed otherwise they will fill up and you will not be able to get into your class.


Any person should attend this college. The campus is great and the teachers and students are easy to get along with and fun. This campus is easy to get around and the classes are great.


Anyone and everyone. Wright State is a very diverse campus from race and religion to sexual orientation. People here are open to all things new and old. We are one of the top colleges in the United States when it comes to the needs of disabilities and people welcome others that are different from them. This college is not limited to "a kind of person", anyone could fit in here.


Someone who is very goal oriented and is willing to study alot. Someone who is looking for a fun smaller campus where then can get the education they are looking for and can really buckle down with their classes. Also someone who is interested in a fun easy going environment that wants good extracurricular activities and other things to do besides classes. Someone who wants to go to a school where they can have a great social life and make great friends for life. They should attend this school.


A fun, outgoing, and hardworking person should attend Wright State University.


Some one who likes adventure, meeting new people, and someone who doesn't mind the commuter school feel.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is just wanting the education and not so much the experience. Someone that wants to stick around home and would rather commute than live on campus. Also someone that doesn't really care for the party experience and doesn't like/care for having a football team.


Anyone who is determined to reach their goals while having fun along the way would work at this campus.. I find it very easy to join several organizations and still do well academically.