Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who did well in high school and can afford to got to a better school. There are better schools in the state with more motivated students and better facilities.


I feel like a person who is not dedicated and focus on education and succeeding in life shouldn't attend wright state university. A person who only focus on parting and having fun rather than studying and going to class shouldn't attent wright state university.


Someone that is not responsible and able to make themselves accountable for their academic advancement should not attend this school.


Someone looking for a school in a big city should not attend Wright State. The surrounding area is calm.


In my personal opinion, students who are not willing to put in the extra effort and hard work that comes with being a four-year college student should not attend Wright State Univeristy.


All should attend this school. It takes pride in being diverse. It is also one of the most wheelchair accessible campuses in America


A person who does not want to be successful should not attend this college. Students who attend this college should be willing to learn and should be eager to meet new people and make friends. Young adults who only come to party and fail classes should not attend Wright State University because this is a college of successful individuals. Students who do not want to prosper in their field of study do not need to attend this college. Indivuals who lack the ability to be respondsible and respectful are not permitted in my point of veiw to attend this university.


Someone who's rascist. Someone who doesn't really like inner city. Someone who wants a huge school. Someone looking for a big party school.


Someone who doesn't like to work hard.


Anyone can


This campus has such a diverse population of students. There are international students from all over the world and people of every ethnicity from America alone. Everyone belongs here, and everyone will fit in.


Although I don't think that a certain kind of person shouldn't attend Wright State, I would have to say someone that isn't ready to go out into the real world and that isn't ready to listen, study or pay attention. Also someone who is jsut going to distract other students while they're trying to study for their classes.


I wouldn't recomend this college to people who do well in large enviornments. Also people who come from small schools or cities and are looking for more life experience should not attened Wright State University because there isn't much on campus college life experience here. This school is very mellow and there aren't very many people on campus, so if someone is looking for much more excitement in life, this is not the school for them.


A person that is not committed, determined and patience, because the educational process takes a long period of time and you need to be stable.


If you are narrow minded and don't like diversity and a diverse culture and are not open to new things, you should not attend Wright State University.


All kinds of people attend Wirght State. Most are focused on school and want to get through it to get a good job, so they are motivated. we have several different majors and minors so you will find almost everything here! I would have to say that if you are a person who likes to sit in the corner by your self a lot then you will not like i here. Wright State is a fun and interactive school, most people do something extra becides their tradiional classes. But other than that welcome to all.


Someone who may be intimidated by a large class number should not attend this school. Class numbers at Wright State are typically pretty high. So if someone struggles learning in a big class setting, this school probably would not benefit them.


The kind of person that should attend WSU is: somebody who is willing to be surrounded by a diverse group of people, somebody who can handle the challenge of learning outside of class as well as in class, somebody who has the drive to succeed, somebody who is willing to get involved on campus, somebody who gets along well with most people, somebody who is willing to try and experience new things, and somebody who is not willing to give up.


If you dont want to learn and just want to have fun or socialized then it wouldnt be a good school to come to because they do enforce they grade policy of keeping your gpa over a 2.0 to be in good standings. The school will give you a chance to redeme yourself, so you have about three quaters to fail and then after that you have to take some time off.


Wright State is a school for students who wish to get their degree and finish quickly. There is no football team, and although there are a few notworthy clubs, overall there is a small degree of school pride. Anyone who wants the typical college "experience" should seek out a different college, as Wright State seems to be mainly geared towards fast-paced academics. With a large military population, this is easy to understand, as people are always coming and going. Also, the school curriculum is separated into quarters, making each class seem to fly by.


Some one who is not MOTIVATED! You need to come to class ready to learn. Make sure you care about your grades and are willing to put in the effort. I believe anyone not willing to put in at least 15 hours of study time a week should reconsider his/her commitment. Also someone that is not open minded to other cultures. We pride ourselves on having an open community.


Any, It's a great school with something for everyone.


The kind of person that should not attend school is a person who does not enjoy learning. He who would rather have physical work every day as opposed to sitting at a desk should probably go to a tech school at most. Also a person who is not willing to work and always tries to cut corners should not attend this school because it takes a lot of dedication and enthusiasm to keep good grades and a positive attitude.


This school would be appropriate place for a struggling or not as serious high school student who wants to go to college.


An average person who is not looking to party and have a big social life.


don't know


People who are very self centered should not attend. Members of this school sometimes have physical handicaps and will need assistance from those around them. If people don't care about anyone but themselves, these students can get in the way of those that need assistance to learn.


I think this campus is a great campus made for all kinds of people. There is nobody that it does not try to cater to.


I think everyone is accepted at this school.




I think this school is open to many different spectrums of personality. The size might be a little daunting at first if you came from a small town like I did, but it was easy to adjust.