Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is a lot of activities on campus conflict with my class times or work schedule so I can't attend very many.


Living in the dorm and having to purchase a meal plan. I dont eat enough to pay for the expensive meal plan. I fix a lot of my own food, so the meal plan is wasted.


The most frustrating thing about my school is not getting financial aid to go here.


Nothing; Wright State is amazing!


The counseling is definitely the most frustrating thing at WSU. Counselors only will provide a little bit of information and expect you to already know the rest. It is very difficult to not know exactly what a student is suppose to do without the proper counseling. Typically a student figures out the right path by talking to other students and how they did it.


I am frustrated at the lack of scholarships available to liberal arts majors, and students with high G.P.As.


The most frustrating thing about WSU is that some professors make it seem like they do not want you to pass the class. They will make the class virtually impossible throughout the entire quarter, but then at the end of the grading period the final grade is a lot higher than what was expected. Another frustrating thing is that some of my professors do not return projects in a timely manner. Also, some of the advising staff are not helpful at all.


It is not known for its academic excellence. I have had a couple of profesors who harp on the low graduation rate. It is slowly becoming more known for its academics.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the parking. If you do not arrive before 9 a.m. you have the hardest time finding a spot. There is a lot that is about a mile away and the school offers shuttles. The shuttles run on a weird schedule and its a hassel especially when its snowing or raining and it takes a lot of time. In the evenings its much better because you can park in faculty spots and there is not as many students on campus. It is very hectic trying to find a spot though.


The most frustrating thing is the area that WSU is located in. There is nothing to do around campus and because of this many students become involved drugs and excessive drinking. I often do not feel safe on campus. There have been security issues that have not been reported to students until after the event has already taken place. I do not plan on returning to WSU next year.


The advising is terrible. My advisor does not know the answers to any of my questions and I just end up getting the run around.


There never seems to be enough class spots open to accomodate the amount of students trying to get into classes. This is especially true for freshmen and sophmores.


The thing I find most frustrating about Wright State is that it is a mainly commuter school and therefore there are not many people here on the weekends. I am part of multiple organizations that host events on weekends in order to try and get the campus residents to stay, yet people still have some need to go home.


I hate that all the professors have office time when I have other classes to attend.


no football team


The most frustrating thing about Wright State to me is that we don't have a football team. I think a school's football games is where most student's school spirit comes from, and we lack in that area since we don't have one. It would be a way to bring everyone together, and since we don't even have a football team, sometimes it feels like we're not even a real school.