Wyotech-West Sacramento Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


WyoTech?s primary objectives are to provide specific knowledge and skills, to graduate each and every student who begins training, and to place them in their chosen fields by constantly upgrading facilities and courses to meet growing demands of the automotive, diesel, and collision/refinishing industries.


It is a trade school, that teaches about Students about Cars. They teach you Mechanical stuff, Such as Automotive, Chasi Fabrication. The shcool also offers Collision Repair and Refinishing. And if your done with your course you can take electives such as Trim & Upholstery, Street Rod, and Management class. There are other types of classes in The different campuses such as Boats And Motorcycles.


A place for future business men and women who want a rewarding career in an ever changing work environment


WyoTech is an outstanding school to get the basic knowledge to enter into the automotive industry. Whether it be in Automotive, Collision/Refinishing, Diesel, Street Rod, or Chassis Fabrication.