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WyoTech Institute began in June 1966 and now offers day/evening courses in Automotive/Diesel/Marine/Motorcycle Repair, Applied Service Management, Chassis Fabrication & High Performance Engine Technology, Electrical Repair, Plumbing, RHVAC, and Collision Refinishing with campuses across the nation and several foreign countries. WyoTech prides itself in keeping its instructors abreast of the latest techniques, added new equipment as needed, and updated curriculum as changes occur in the industry, for ultimate success in life. WyoTech is designed for students and working adults who want to attend classes while maintaining the commitments to their jobs, family life, and child care schedules.

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Wyotech West Sacromento is best know for there hot rod/frabrication course. The hot rod frabrication class privides the students with the skills necessary to build the car of there dreams! Along with that Wyotech also teaches collision/refinshing..

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The school is best known for automotive training. We have Automotive ( mechanic) training, Collision, Smog, Deisel, Street Rod, and a few other elective courses. The school has been featured in a few episodes of Overhaulin'.

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